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She care for me?

that she likes me

. She said to me "aww. your so cute"

.She isnt afraid to touch me she sometimes touches or rubs agiasnt my arm

. Makes frequent eye contact "the eye contact were you feel like she is waiting for something"

. Sometimes says whats up but she generaly ignores me

. Seems nervous around me I was helping her with something once and she berly spoke a word

. She has tried to partner up with me before in science

It may seem obvious but she ignores me and doesnt really make an effort to get to know me. We have know each other for about a year but where not at the friends level.

I would talk to her but i just get so nervous i cant talk to her. oh ya were 18 shes 3 months older but i dont think she knows that

I really do care about her. when i look her in the eyes they just have this glow that really makes me think she feels the same way

she is not shy at all. like she talks around me just not to me

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    awww that sounds so beautiful. It sounds like shes into u. Still give it time though.

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    I don't know if she cares about you but she definitely wants you, likes you, and is in love with you. 'How do I know this?' Because I've been in her shoes. She may not seem shy around others but when near you and aware that she has your attention she gets nervous. I bet she's fine around everyone else because she's not trying to empress them; but you make her nervous because she wants you and doesn't want to make a single mistake that would cause you to think any less of her.

    Go after her man, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. The fact that she is bashful around you should make you less shy around her. Be confident. Be strong. And go tell her how you feel.

    P.S. Make sure that the 2 of you are alone (ask if you can talk to her in private or something)

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    Yes it does seem she's attracted to you and considers you someone special.

    Try being friends with her. Break the ice, its ok if you sound nervous - your relationship will get a direction once you start to interact.

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    She's very much agressive on you but something is disturbing, and she loves u very much waiting in love is too precious thing in life, all the best

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    from what i've read, it seems like she does have some sort of interest in you but probably she wants you to take initative in talking to her or making a move. alof of girls like playing hard to get, and this might be one of those cases...

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