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Would an African Dwarf Frog get along with Dwarf Puffer Fish?

I have 4 Dwarf Puffers in a 10 gal. tank, they are almost adult size, and I am thinking of getting an African Dwarf Frog to keep them company :)

I am afraid the frog might eat the puffers, because Dwarf Puffers only get to one inch, and the African Dwarf Frog gets to 2.5 inches.

I am not sure if the frog would even want to eat them. Would they? ;o

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    it should be fine if you get a dwarf frog, they are pretty peaceful and they stay at the bottom of the tank most of the time anyways.

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    Puffer Frog

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    The medium size ones at petsmart are 2.99 i belive, and the large are 7.99, if you have nver kept african dwarf frogs b4, I would recccommend going for the large size, they are more likely to live through transport than small ones. You can put any peacefull small fish with them. Research the fish and make sure they like the same ph levels. Puffer fish? The only relativly easy freshwater puffer I know of is a dwarf puffer, and they will kill anything, they can even kill a fish 3x their size! So, no, dwarf frogs can not go with dwarf puffers. They can go with guppies quite well. emember, either all male guppies or 1 male for every females, or all females. Yes they can go with bettas, male or female. Never have both in one tank. Also, male bettas will attack guppies, so never put a male betta with guppies. They primarily eat bloodworms, but it is good to give them a varied diet with brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, and live blackworms if you can get some! You can keep about 2 per gallon and they MUST go into an already cycled tank!! They can NOT handle ammonia in there tank! They also love to be in small groups or at least a pair. They are very social. They do best in smaller tanks, 20 gallons and under, simply because you need to be able to find them to put the food down in there to feed tham and they need short tanks so they do not have to struggle and stress to reach the top to breathe. Good luck and feel free to e-mail me with any more questions! edit:Shilowsmom must be confusing them with african clawed frogs. You see, the grow a frog kit advertises them as dwarf frogs, when really they are african clawed frogs. There are a few aggressive bettas that can not be kept with anything, I own 1 male who attacks anything, the only thing that survived with him was a snail...untill I got so worried I jsut moved the snail out! I have another male that will live with anything. Depends on personality mostly. Most do fine with other fish. Its a myth that bettas kill everything. Also, the pre-packaged food os not very good for them, as it gets wet, it expands inside there stomach and can hurt them, your better off basing their diet on vitamin enhanced bloodwormd or brineshrimp.

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    It should be fine. I had an African Dwarf Frog for a while and ended up giving him to a friend. In a 10 gallon tank, it wont be bad at all. You may have to spot feed him. Especially if the fish eat fast. The only problem you may have is just that. Fish usually eat all the food before your frog even gets a chance. So just be mindful of his eating habits and make sure he gets his.

    Good Luck.

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    If your Dwarf Puffer is the Indian Dwarf Puffer species (also known as the Bumblebee Puffer, Malabar Puffer or Pygmy Puffer) then you have nothing to worry about since they feed on brine shrimp, krill, mollusks and earthworms. The only problem that I do foresee, if this is the species that you have, is the fact that your Dwarf Puffer requires a minimum tank size of 30-gallons. They prefer a planted aquarium environment with plenty of hiding places. Males are aggressive and territorial and only one is suggested unless it is a large aquarium which a 30-gallon should suffice.

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    puffers eat snails and frogs.... I dont think thats a good idea

    Source(s): <=== worked at the fish place for a long time
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