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Why am I always thinking about work on my free time and how can I solve this problem?

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    I, too, have this problem at times. My first suggestion is each day at the end of the day, write down a to do list of everything you need to do, so that way you know at night you have done everything you can for the day and you know what you have to get done the next day. Also, if you have a long drive to / from work, take time in the morning to mentally prepare yourself by thinking about what you have to do and how to get it done. On your way home, you can think about how you accomplished what you needed to which will give your mind a chance to relax. Once you are at home, realize that there is nothing that can be done until the morning and no one else is probably worrying about work, so why should you. Keep in mind that it is just a job. You can always get another. If you keep thinking about work when you are not there, eventually, you will feel like you never leave. Watch some TV or read some books before going to bed. Best of luck.

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    When you get off work, have everything done for the day, and just want to relax and enjoy your free time, just spark up the ol' bong a time or two......Tv is now awesome, and work is pushed firmly to the back of the mind...

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    often i have the same problem with you, i try ripping it off,maybe setting up a appropriate plan's not a bad idea,make sure finish all your work at day,let me starting together.

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    Think of something else after work.

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