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What makes the PATS any better than Bonds?

He got caught cheating and they did too........Shouldn't they get the same treatment as bonds is getting??? For all of you that answer no, what makes pats any better than him???.......Also, should Marc Ecko brand their trophy with an asterisk as well if they win the Super Bowl??? (after all Bonds 756th home run ball got branded!!!)


mddog,BaBaBoo, and Geoff you guys are all beating around the bush everyone calls bonds a cheater and his ball got branded because he cheated they are no different pats should get the same

Update 2:

see you guys all know its true thats why i havent got not 1 reasonable answer out of none of you guys face it PATS ARE CHEATERS just like bonds!!!! If he get that treatment then brady and all the other 1's should 2

Update 3:

Maybe when Brady comes out of the closet you'll see he is tainted just as the team, the coach, the championships, and that whole franchise is.

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    they are both the same, cheating is cheating and the patsies and bonds have solidified their place in sports history as cheaters, god these as$hole justifying the patsies are stupid as hell, so you really believe it was only for 1 game aginst the come they had more tapes and notes to turn over to the nfl office? were they all for the jets game? i doubt it the nfl did the patsies a favor by destroying evidence that would have turned the football world upside down, they wouldent even know how to fix it, who would get the wins? who would have gone to the superbowls? how would it have been determined? the nfl destroyed evidence, thats tampering the federal government needs to open an investigation into it maybe if they put the cheaters under oath we could really find out how bad it was, and how far back it goes, id bet it goes back from the time bilicheat took over, as far as im concerned all the patsie lombardis are tainted they have scammed the nfl and cast a shadow over the whole league, this wont go away anytime soon

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    Actually no. Bonds violated a very old rule, repeatedly, and if the government proves it, lied about it.. in front of congress, while he was attempting to break records and generally be annoying while doing it.

    The Patriots were caught violating a modification to an existing rule (issued before preseason if I recall), very early in the first quarter of the first game. The tapes never even made it to the locker room. The rule really is kinda stupid. It's still legal to do the exact same thing from the first row of the stands, just not on the sidelines or the coaches booth. They've also been watched and inspected HEAVILY since that game so they are clean as a whistle through the whole season.

    Now, Barry's ball was branded by a private person, not the league. Do not misconstrue and think that effort was official.

    Coincidentally, if you want to really punish the pats for what they did? You should punish EVERY team from the 1980's back to the 1950's for having a host of players violate the Substance Abuse Policy of the NFL and really cheating. That includes you '72 Dolphins. Even Shula violated league rules to move to the Dolphins.

    Leave the Patriots be, let them play. They've been punished, heavily, and are moving on. Barry however.. well.. hopefully he gets a cell with Vick.

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    1- The NFL, said that the tapes of the Jets, during the first game "in no way effected the outcome of the game", therefore, no cheating took place during that game. ( The intention to cheat, and cheating are two different things. )

    2- Since the ruling, the Patriots were punished with a $250, 000 fine, the coach was personally fined $500,000 and they lost a first round draft pick. (The NFL, deemd this suitable punishments, who are you to second guess the managment of the NFL, if you were, then you'd be president of the NFL, instead of a whiner on a forum)

    3- Barry Bonds lied to Congress.. the Patriots fessed up to the incident, apologized and paid their fines.

    4- Why is it, whenever someone has a weak arguement, they begin labing the people who are upsetting them as "Gay". Seems to me someone best look in the mirror, and come up with a better arguement. You pretty much negated, your entire arguement with this pathetic statement.

    5- The Colts have been suspected of pumping in crowd noise, at the dome for years. One of the RCA Dome's own security guards, told a reporter that this happens. When the proof comes to light, all hell will break loose, should the all the Colts games, in the dome, be suspect, and their supposed victories, be overturned or an astrick placed against all of thier games, and titles?

    When this happens, I'd love to see you come into the forum and proudly announce that "THE COLTS ARE CHEATERS, IT HAS BEEN PROVEN"

    5- The Colts General Manager, roughed up an employee of the Jets, at the Meadowlands. That makes him no better, than a street thug. Perhaps the Jets should have pressed charges against him for the assaut. There is manditory jail time for assault in NJ.

    6- Pull up your big girl panties, and get over it.

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    Wait a minute!!! Congress debated the use of steroids and players!!! The government is the one involved that's why Bond might face jail time!!!

    Bonds didn't just break Baseball rules!!

    Will the federal government interfer with the NFL over spygate!! NO might have a little to do with the Patriot Act!! Really doesn't have anything to do with tha Patriot act thought i would make a funny!

    Rules are constantly broken in Football!! Anything to get the upper edge!! That's why the NFL sent notices to all the coaches about NO spycams at the beginning of the season!! Why would notices be needed if those were the rules and everyone followed them. Yes they were caught with a spycam. However it was stopped before anyone could view what was on it!!!

    They got fined and lost first round pick because they broke a rule after notices were sent out about the NFL not tolerating it.

    Furthermore who put the asterisk on the baseball?? Was it the baseball league?? NO!! The ball was caught by someone at the game!!! The person put it up for Bid!! The highest bidder was the one who decided to take a poll about what was to be done with it..

    Is the Superbowl trophy going up for bid to the highest bidder!!!

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    Vote #1 for dumbest question on Yahoo! Answers that was supposed to be serious.

    1. How EXACTLY did the Patriots gain a competitive advantage from the tape of the first 7 minutes of the first quarter of the first game? (And before you say anything about tapes last year, remember the JETS were the team who had illegal cameras on the field last year which prompted the commissioners note and subsequent harsh fine for the pats).

    2. You do know that teams ARE ALLOWED to film defensive coaches signals right? The only thing the pats were doing was filming from an unauthorized location.

    3. Bonds took performance enhancing drugs (Illegal, not just against the rules), then LIED to a FEDERAL GRAND JURY about it... Something tells me Bill Belicheck isn't worried about going to jail for his actions (For potentially 30 years).

    So... ***** all you want, mark this with a thumbs down, but FACTS don't lie. Bonds does.

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    Pats are MUCH better:

    Bonds padded his HR record through use of a banned substance.

    Patriots were guilty of an infraction which ,when discovered, gave them absolutely no competitive advantage against their opponent. (Undeveloped film 7 minutes through Q1 of first game).

    The Patriots previous seasons MAY HAVE been tainted, we had to see what happened after the video fiasco.

    AFTER - The Patriots continued to play at a high level even though no infraction helped them, which would imply that it never helped them before.

    Conclusion - Patriots are a Dynasty and have done so without the help of any undiscovered infractions. Quite the opposite, if they hadn't wasted time filiming, they probably would have beaten the Colts last AFC Championship and the Broncos in the playoffs the year before. They cheated themselves out of 2 additional Super Bowls they would have won by wasting resources on nonsense psychological ploys that don't work.

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    Colts fan, I see. Can't you just worry about yourself for a change and leave the Goddamn Patriots alone? I mean, the roster isn't really seeing any of this but why do you have to bother us, fill up the Football section with this "cheater" junk? Okay, the Patriots cheated and that was 10 weeks ago? Worry about your own team possibly missing the playoffs or losing the first round, with their injuries, rather than spend your time ruining the Football section and misusing Yahoo! Answers.

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    Bonds broke the law and is facing jail time, the Pats did not.

    Would you like some cheese to go with that whine?

    The colts are on the ropes, and may have to be a wild card, if they even get in the playoffs. The Pats are making history, they're going to be undefeated, they're the greatest football team of all time.

    It must suck to be you.

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    the Pats were caught in the ACT of cheating. the story gets misconstrued a little. in the game against the Jets, they discovered a Patriots employee videotaping the Jets in the first half of the game. after he was discovered, security kicked him out accordingly. the tape never got to the Pats, and they never gained an advantage through the tape. there is no other evidence that the Patriots have ever cheated.

    Bonds has been indicted for federal charges of lying in front of the Grand Jury and impeding the investigation against him. that's a little different than the Pats. everybody is quick to point the finger at Bonds, though, because of visual evidence provided by his Hulk-like transformation in the latter part of his career. his legacy is tarnished, but he hasn't been convicted of anything quite yet.

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    Pats won't shrink down to normal size if they spend a few months in jail!

    (Imagine Barry released after a few months in the big house, completely avoiding the paparazzi because he looks more like Redd Foxx?)

    Source(s): (cmon, Pats have won a handful of games in a row, that's not a big deal - I'm a Colts/Manning fan and I hate it when ppl show the Pats respect by whining about them like you are as if they are that important - relax and wait for the playoffs!)
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