Marine corps recruiters?

Will they lie to you?

I think he lied to me about the draft being illegal, and getting paid 90K a year at his rank(worked for 11 years) when it should be 43K

Of course they put on these little things to persuade you into joining, but is the things he said really true?

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    ok well

    you know what....

    recruiters will always be recruiters and they will effin sugar coat everything to really PERSUADE you to almost seems too good...but unfortunately, if your gullible...then have fun taking in all the persuasion

    yes, thats their persuade you...

    why? you ask?

    because without doubt, their job as a recruiter is to meet quota for their benefit. or else no promotion points, no achievments

    listed under source is a basic pay chart for 2007 i believe...every year pay is increase by 5% i believe or .5% one of those

    as far as your recruiter saying that he gets 90k a y ear...i think hes bluffing...unless hes a high ranking officer

    but if hes a sargeant, staff seargant, and what not thats a e-5 and e-6 pay grade hes totally lying about 90k a year (check the pay goes by every month)

    but you know what?

    dont rely on your recruiters about just benefits and all

    because all in all its what you want to do man

    if you want to be in the military then its your choice because thats what you wanna be

    just make sure that they gave you the job you wanted....

    BEFORE you disagree with me here...

    clearly, recruiters must sugar coat lots of stuff to get the applicant in...because honestly they care about quota

    where am i getting this s h i t you ask? i am a marine applicant I AM NOT AGAINST THE MILITARY (i am in the delayed entry program) and im about to ship out soon

    and i asked my recruiter to tell the truth about their environment . he is a sgt.

    he told me that sometimes

    they have to fabricate lots of benefits and information about the doesnt mean that you cant get it...but the way they say it makes it look very easy to get

    they arent lying about important material

    *let me correct myself

    they dont lie about that s h i t

    but persuasion is a no doubt thing

    your hearing this from an applicant


    to really know what you want in the military...make sure everything is set for you

    what jobs are open with the asvab score you got

    what does your military contract say?

    is it the right mos

    what about geographical preference? can you really go to the station you want?

    make sure your not running an open contract

    because its what you want to do in life. you cant turn back

    and changing your mos is a *****

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    Well, he didn't lie to you. Right now the draft is not in place, and probably won't ever be again. As far as how much he makes for his rank, each year we are given a statement of benefits that breaks down what everything we are getting is worth. I have been in about 11 years as well, and what he said sounds right. If you take into account the cost of housing and all that goes with it, that is a huge chunk of money. Same with the medical care. Housing where I live, Okinawa, is about $3000 a month, so figure that over twelve months and that is an additional 36,000 a year. I was a recruiter as well, never lied, and put a lot of Marines in that I still have contact with. I would not think of lying because if I did, and you were unhappy with me, would you refer anyone to me? Would you tell people I operate honestly? No, you wouldn't, so it is in my best interest to tell the truth, the people I recruited were my best advertisors for me, and plus, being a Marine is about having values too, and we hold those values very high.

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    They arent allowed to "LIE" and they will not "LIE." The draft is technically "illegal" because the current legislation is that it is out of service. There is none and there wont be one unless we go to war with china. Even then, its an accepted fact among policy makers (both military and civilian) that our superiority as a military force hinges largely on the fact that we are a "small, motivated" volunteer force and that filling our military with a bunch of folks who dont want to be there would destroy that superiority.

    As to the 43k vs 90k issue. I'm an E4 and shouldnt be making much. But there are extra payments in the military. There are also bonuses. In my job as an "Intel Aviator" I get about $600 extra per month for flight pay and foreign language pay. Also my bonus gave me an extra $6000. not to mention hazard duty and combat pay and the fact that if you go overseas to a deployment zone its ALL tax free!. Also, BAH pay and BAS pay pays for virtually all of your food, housing and utilities. BAH and BAS arent included in that 43K. If he's in 11 yrs he probably got a re-enlistment bonus. Mine will be 48,000ish. So its not so unbelievable that at 11 yrs in he's making alot of money.

    Keep 100% tuition plus GI Bill benefits in mind as well! send me a message if you want any more info.

    Source(s): US Air Force Active Duty
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    im not going to answer yourquestion with a direct answer. but i do take a little professional offense to what some of the other answers have mentioned. i am an US ARMY recruiter. i dont "sugar coat" anything, i dont need to. you ask me a straight question and you get a straight answer. there are some army programs i think are really good and then there are some that really suck, i dont mind telling you which is which.

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    There is no draft right now, but if congress decided to add one, they could.

    In general, recruiters lie through their teeth. Do your own research and make your own decision.

    If you're interested in the military, also check out the Navy, Air Force and Army.

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    Call up the 1 800 and talk to em...cant hurt and informative

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    Next time get it in writing.

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