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How many of you are glad that u goofed off in high school/college?


goofing off is a fine know how to look busy when ure on yahoo at know how to tap a nap in your office...

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    I'm not glad. Hell I think I'd be smarter than I am now. I can't even count past 5 :(.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hmm this one is tough.

    I won't say I didn't enjoy myself both in high school and in college but if you are asking,

    'do I wish I had concentrated more and done better?'

    then yes, a little but realistically that is the time to enjoy yourself before 'getting serious with your life'. Maybe just find more of a balance between work and play. (the voice in my head of myself at 18 says 'Yeah right!')

  • 1 decade ago

    I never goofed off, I just watched others who did. It was good entertainment.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am. Its gave me a lot of great memories

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    goofed off? does that mean had sex?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hey it paid off so far

  • Max A
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    1 decade ago

    I'm not.

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