what does a tattoo of the number 13 mean?

I was wondering because it was mentioned on The Offspring's "pretty fly(for a white guy)

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    I'm pretty sure its a symbol of luck but I looked it up anyway.I found theses answers on wiki answers:

    It's a symbol of luck, but also entails misfortune before a greater reward.

    An occult symbol of resurrection and re-birth, i.e. Christ, anti-Christ, Lucifer, the phoenix, One, return of the messiah, God's incarnation in human form, the visiting of the alien-human hybrid that put life on Earth, Jesus


    The 13th letter of the alphabet is M . In outlaw biker culture a tatt or patch of the #13 usually means drugs as in Meth or Pot. RUBs and the like often say it stands for Motorcycle.

    A tattooist gets a number 13 tattooed on them once they've been in the business for 13years and its a great mark of respect when a tattoist has earnt the right to wear the number 13.

    Friday the 13th was originally the day of good luck not bad luck.

    Traditional tattoo symbols have kind of lost their meaning, and a certain symbol can mean almost anything. 13 can mean bad luck, it can be associated with the gang MS-13, or it could just be their lucky number.

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    Source(s): Discover Numerology http://renditl.info/NumerologySecrets
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    My husband got the number 13 tattooed to symbolize he makes his own luck ( he is a lawyer) most people I have tattooed the number 13 on feel the same way about the number. 13 is considered an unlucky number (as in friday the 13th) by getting it tattooed you are saying i dont need luck i work for what i have. it can also mean MS 13 which is a gang i guess in a way you could say the number 13 is a lucky tattoo.

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    Roman Numeral 13

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    it's supposed to be like a hardcore number you see it in Rock and gang culture

    If you see it on a person it COULD mean that they went to a tattoo shop on Friday the 13th and got it done for $13 A Lot of shop run that promo like a sale cuz it doesn't happen often enough for then to lose profit, and sometimes they earn more that day than any other

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    13 or Xlll(roman numerals) is the number of misfortune. However, for some, this is the greatest fortune. Withstanding the power of misfortune that 13 brings is a mark of power and (guess what) LUCK. For my family, it is luck. My grandpa was born on a 13 and got married on 13. Then my parents met on a 13 and got married on another 13. I have a xlll tattoo on my neck

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    According to Oliver Peck, one of the judges on the television show "Inkmaster", It's a symbol of good luck. The folklore goes that if you have the number 13 tattooed on you, bad luck will see it, assume you have already had bad luck, and pass you by.

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    Our friend above is right -it is a gang.

    The 13th letter of the alphabet is M and it is used by the Mexican Mafia, which is often called "La Eme," -which, of course means 'The M'. It is a VERY tough, violent and powerful gang.

    Note: since 13 stands for 'M' some punks wear it to show that they smoke marijuana.

    However any genuine member of La Eme is not someone to mess with in ANY way. EVER.

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    On a cholo it means they are Sureños (outside branch of La Eme). Often as roman numerals XIII

    On douchey guys/gals who are more on an "alternative rock" vibe, it's the Friday the 13th thing.

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