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help! my hair is extremly dry and breaking?

what can I buy or home remedie for my hair! It needs to be looking healhy for tomorrow night!!

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    Avocadoes are good for dry hair. Make sur e it is ripe. Cut it mash it and apple to hair, let it stay on for about 10 min. your hair should like nice.

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    I love 3 Minute Miracle by Aussie. I was introduced to it by a friend on a houseboating trip. Our hair was getting fried from the sun, wind blasted from waterskiiing and stripped by the lakewater and sand. We used the 3 minute miracle (we actually left it in for like 10 mins) and our hair felt softer than before the trip. I would deffinately recomend it for a quick fix and as a weekly routine for someone with naturally dry hair. Alternately you could use olive oil or something fatty like that but those methods are messy.

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    Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo

    and Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner



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    Get some cholesteral and condition your hair with it. Then put a plastic cap on it. Leave it in for about 5 min. Then wash your hair really good.

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    Try eating food rich in protein and vitamin B like beans, nuts, bananas and oatmeals.They carry essential vitamins and minerals that are just the nutrients you need to get beautiful, shiny and strong hair.

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    do not difficulty, you have 2 options. yet their are some information you won't opt for to take heed to. a million) merely condition your hair alot. that's going to hide up the dryness by ability of making it valuable and silky, yet your hair will proceed to split, there fore breaking off and inflicting greater split ends. i don't recommend you p.c.. this answer. it is the blunders that many make, and regrettably all of them finally end up gaining information of the annoying way. Your different option is selection 2. Which I extraordinarily recommend. 2) i know this sounds annoying, yet you're able to desire to trim your hair, decrease off the ineffective ends. in case you do not, like I pronounced previously, your hair will split and it will proceed to interrupt off. added greater, you will unfastened greater hair do to breakage then you definately are becoming interior the 1st place. utilising a damp to dry straightener could merely be used on party,the save to procure it from could have informed you that. procuring your Chi became the desirable element you're able to desire to do (in my view) I fairly have had many Straighteners inclusive of a WeToStraight, yet at present i take advantage of Chi. most of the Chi Straighteners have a ceramic plating which permits the hair to be smoothed down without frying it (which a well-known straightner does). consistently use a warmth serum to guard your hair from unfavorable your hair much greater. no remember if that's Chi or Aussie, something is greater desirable then not something. i could recommend which you do not use something warm on your hair till it feels and looks healthful back. have confidence me. My hair is precisely like yours, and that i went in the process the comparable element. not something feels worse then going to the hair attire and announcing "merely restoration it please, no, no do not try this, would be unable to you merely condition it" with their respond of "i'm sorry we could decrease it off". enable me know if this helped you out. happy New Years

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    Dont put too much heat on it. Get some frizz ease hair serum. Its made by john freida and it works like magic. It will help, and it will help with breakage and put moisture back in your hair.

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    i dont know how well you can do by tomorrow night

    but try these

    hot oil treatment

    deep conditioner

    heat protectant spray before you blow dry/.flat iron/curling iron

    use a hair will hold ur stule and smooth ends and flyaways and frizzies

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    pantene prov has a great hair mask that deep conditions and repairs. or if you want to spend a bit more, get bumble and bumble's deep. its an absolutely amazing deep conditioner

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    Don't wash your hair as often. It just dries it out.

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