I am experiencing a slight bleed whenever I empty my bowel.?

Could be caused by dryness and hair of the skin surrounding my anus,causing tiny bleeds which dry up quickly.Otherwise,I am okay.

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    It could be a hemorrhoid. Check out this website

    Source(s): digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/hemorrhoids
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    The most common cause of this bleeding is an anal fissure, a very small tear of the skin of the anus. Does it just bleed slightly, bright red blood, and then seems to stop quite quickly?

    Anal fissures can go away by themselves- you need to make sure you have plenty of fibre and fluids to keep your stools soft, and be gentle with the toilet paper. It might take a week or so for the bleeding to stop.

    If it doesn't go away/ gets worse, then if it is a fissure you may need minor surgery to close the fissure- just one or two stitches.

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    If your sure its from the outside of your anus then yeah id wait and make a dr's visit. If your not sure go to the hospital right away cause you could have an internal bleed, this may sound weird but i see it all the time in the ICU that i work at in my hospital, its the season for G.I bleeds.

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    You did not mention your age and actually that does not matter.You should see you doctor about this problem.That way they can determine if your hemeroids or you have cancerous polops in you colon.It sounds like you are having hemeriod issues.If you are a woman who has had kids by normal birth then you can develope them by pushing,Men can get them too as they do allot of heavy work.Just get it checked don't play guesssing games with your life,

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    Or, if you push rather hard, it could be hemmoroids. Take care.

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    GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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