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let's play Dr....?

Here are my lab results:

ANA - positive

ANA PATTERN - Homogen (including Rim variant)

ANA TITER - 1:40

can u tell me what you think the likelyhood of lupus is? I see my dr tomorrow. these were the results from a random screening during a work-related injury.

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    Ooh ooh I love this game!!

    Okay, first let's talk about your ANA. An ANA is generally considered the main diagnostic test for lupus, but it can be positive in other autoimmune disorders as well and even in a certain percentage of the population w/out any disorders (especially older people), so more tests are needed.

    Now, to your ANA pattern and titer. A low titer (less than 1:80) with a homogeneous pattern is usually suggestive of lupus. However, low levels are seen in other connective tissue diseases, so more specific tests can be ordered if clinically warranted. However, your ANA results in my opinion are pretty suggestive of lupus.

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    ANA INTRP showed Positive results next to it Reference Range Negative. ANA titer showed 1:160. ANA PATTERN showed Hemomgen. This test was done on me in 2003 & 2006 showing same results.

    Just came across them on my portal for Lab test when researching my TSH,T4, ect: levels through out the years. I have Hashimoto's. So could anyone help explain the results on the ANA. From what I am understanding the ANA Pattern results is very significant.

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    only your Dr. knows for sure. i'm glad your appt isn't until next week. you will know soon enough. good luck to you.

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