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Why are all the flights to Phoenix DOUBLE the cost the week of Jan. 31st than they are the week before?

The rates are also double what they will be the week after! I just want to go see my girlfriend. NOT see a football game! Anybody know how I can save some money on a flight that week?

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    There must be something going on that week in Phoenix. If bad comes to worse, fly to Tuscon and drive to Phoenix. Otherwise, can you travel the week after 1/31 or travel the week before? Maybe you can check the prices of tickets flying out of Phoenix and buy your girlfriend a ticket to come out to visit you.

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    All the planes that week are flying at or near capacity; customer loads are a lot lower the week before. That's peak travel time so of course prices are going to go up. If you can fly on January 1st prices will be lower, especially for an early-morning flight; if you can put your trip off for a few days it will be even cheaper.

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