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What has been your worse flight experience?

That flight that made you think...I DON'T THINK I EVER WANT TO FLY AGAIN. You all know what I'm talking about.

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    After my trip to Raleigh-Durham on United Airlines, I decided to document my story on Word. Here is what happened. We flew from Cincinnati with a connection in Chicago. Just as a warning, the story is long because something happened on each leg of the journey.

    Cincinnati to Raleigh flight:

    The United Airlines flight should have left Cincinnati a little after 10:00 am. When we arrived at the airport around 9:00 am, we were told by the gate agent that anyone going to Raleigh should report to the gate agent. She then told us the flight from Chicago has not arrived and because of a tight connection, we would be booked on US Airways Express connecting in Charlotte and then onto Raleigh. She said there were seats available. When we show up at the US Airways gate, they tell us the flight was full and that if they put us on their plane, the flight would be oversold by 3 people. We are sent back to United Airlines. By now, the flight is still delayed so they announce that anyone on the United Airlines flight should report to the gate agent and they will rebook people. So we are then booked on a Delta Airlines flight that leaves Cincinnati 2:50 pm but it is a direct flight.

    So we have to go through security again because Delta Airlines is in a different terminal. Because we changed airlines, we are considered a high risk passenger and therefore all our carry-on bags are opened up for inspection. While we go through security, the TSA manages to lose my mom’s boarding pass. The guy tells us to just go to the gate agent at Delta and they will help us. So we pass through security and go to our gate. We later learn that our plane which is coming from another city broke down and the flight time is now 3:10 instead of 2:50. Then they push the departure time to 4:00. Then it is pushed to 4:15. Finally the aircraft arrives but there is no flight crew. The flight crew is coming in on a different flight but they are delayed because of bad weather. So the new departure time is now 4:45. Then it becomes 5:05. We didn’t leave until around 5:15-5:20. Because it has started snowing again, we have to get the aircraft de-iced. We do not take-off until almost 6:00.

    Raleigh to Chicago flight:

    The flight leaves Raleigh on-time but I am doubting the flight crew since when they show up, they go to the wrong gate and the gate agent has to direct them to the correct aircraft they will be flying. We taxi out onto the runway and the captain makes a wide turn and stops. I knew that must mean Chicago is not ready for us. This happens all the time when we fly to Chicago on United. The captain comes on and announces that Chicago is not ready for us and that after about 15 minutes we will take-off. So we sit there for about 15 minutes and depart.

    We arrive in Chicago and the flight attendant tells us which gate we will park at. Since I am familiar with the airport, as soon as we taxi past our terminal, I figure something is wrong. The captain stops the aircraft and says that our gate is still being occupied because the plane had a mechanical problem. So we wait for about 10-15 minutes. Then the captain circles us around the entire United Airlines terminal (Chicago is United Airline’s headquarters so they have a huge terminal). He then stops the aircraft and says the airplane occupying our gate has not left and he needs to find another gate for us. Finally he finds a gate and parks the aircraft. You can hear people saying they only have 10 minutes to their connecting flight. You know they are not going to make it. The flight attendant tells us if we miss our flight, go to Customer Service and not the gate agent. Fortunately we have over 2 hours before our flight to Cincinnati.

    Chicago to Cincinnati flight:

    The aircraft taking us back to Cincinnati is late to Chicago from Kansas City so that means we will be departing at least 12 minutes late. Finally we all board our flight and the captain says everything looks good. Then he leaves the aircraft and is looking at the outside of our plane. He comes on and announces that the airplane taxing into the gate next to us blew exhaust from its engines causing a baggage cart to hit the side of our aircraft. Maintenance now has to come out and inspect the plane to make sure it is safe enough to fly. So we wait and Maintenance is out looking at the plane and taking pictures. Then they tell us that it is okay to go. Since we are about 20-30 minutes late, I am thinking Chicago will not let us leave because the airport is so busy that if you miss your scheduled departure time, they put you to the back of the line and that can mean hours of delay. Fortunately it was not peak departure time so we were able to leave. The flight was extremely bumpy and I was worried about the condition of our airplane thinking any moment we could crash.

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    Delta. 1) delayed three times ( 3 hours late) 2) struck by lighting 3) severe turbulence and 3/4 of the plane throwing up in a barf bag 4) aborted a landing because of a sudden down pour of rain and the pilot couldn't see the airport runway at all. All on the same flight; I still think about that flight to this day.

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    I once got aboard a plane to fly to Hungary from San Diego. Only my second time to Europe. The airline officers tried for over an hour and couldn't get the electrical systems to work. So we sat. And sat. And sat.

    We were hustled off, I was helping an 86 year-old person who was going with me to join my wife for the tour we'd planned with a company in Hungary. We barely made the next plane--her luggage didn't; and we were flown to Frankfurt. Then we had to change planes again--discovering the loss of her luggage. And we went on to Budapest, hours and hours late. And there we had to wait hours for my luggage to arrive. (The lady's didn't get there for another day--she had to go back to the airport for it). My wife handled the long long wait better than I did.


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    Having travelled by air more than 30 times, one flight hit turbulance where we were dropping and rising surfing the clouds.It was terrifying, but then suddenly my husband started screaming in agony as his sinuses felt like they were bursting, apparently drops in pressure can trigger this reaction off. The poor crew were trying their best, but I never want to see him suffer this ever again, but I dont know what to do to avoid it, and bravely he continues to fly as he knows how much I enjoy travelling

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    I haven't gotten to the experience - the kind where I'd have doubts to fly again, nope, and thank God *knocks wood*. The worst that I have gone furthest is that the middle of zipper got open, losing some of my things, especially new ones. I have not recovered them... YET, I think..:(

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