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Do Jewish People Think Christians Hate them?

i recently met the cutest guy ever, and he's jewish. I've haven't talked to him since last weekened and my friend told me it's because he knows i'm christian and he think christians hate jews.

is this true?

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    I dated a Jewish person for a few years and I don't really think he cared that I was a Christian. He liked me and that is all that mattered.

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    Christians do not hate Jewish people and we do not blame them for killing Jesus. Jesus willingly gave His life, it was not taken from Him. I have never heard a Christian say they hate the Jewish people. Christians are commanded by God to love the Jewish people. Perhaps this boys parents have explained the differences in the two religious beliefs and have advised him to look elsewhere. I suggest you simply ask him if your religious beliefs are a problem. If he thinks Christians hate the Jewish people, ask him why America completely supports Israel and considers Israel a close friend and Allie. Christians have supported the Jewish people since time began.

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    Well it may be to some Jewish people, but I hope that they are not teaching this to their children's, because all people do not have

    anything against Jewish people I think because Christians have a deference believe then they do.And they believe if it was not for the Jews Jesus would not have died.

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