What was st.Josephs age when he married mary, the mother of jesus?

i deleted the last question cz i found out that mary the mother of jesus and mary magdalene are two different persons, thanx for enlightning me guyz.


well , mary the mother of jesus was 13-14 yrs old at that time and St.Joseph was 90 yrs old. http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/08504a.htm

is this true?

Update 2:

Joseph was 90 and mary was at most 14-15, this is the most authentic age beleived by most churches.

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    Wat St.Joseph was 90 years old and Mary was 14-15..................N u christains say tht Prophet Muhammed(SAWS) married Aisha(RA) when She was 9 yrs.........U ppl Dont c the faults within urselves n start shouting abt Islam n Our Beloved Prophet(SAWS).........Sum additional details

    - Child brides as young as 8 were common, not exceptions, among the Byzantine emperors and nobility.

    - A picture of a 9-year old girl giving birth in Thailand.

    - 12-year old in Romania getting married.

    Joseph, Mary's husband, was "90 years old" when he married 12 to 14-year old Mary! Was he too a pedophile?

    What about the Bible's Prophets' marriages?

    What about the X-Rated Pornography in the Bible?

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    His age during his betrothal with Mary the mother of God is not revealed in the Bible nor in tradition. There are some apocyrphal writings that state Joseph was about 90 years of age at the betrothal. However, this is from an apocyrphal writing and not to be trusted. The NT is silent on Joseph existence when Jesus was an adult -- hence one may assume Joseph may have died prior to Jesus' public ministry & therefore much older than Mary at the betrothal. I hope this helps.

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    There were three options: (1) she could be stoned (2) she should be sent away or (3) Joseph could marry her anyway. Since the angel had already spoken to Joseph, he married Mary. The term virgin should be used. The sign from the Lord of the Messiah coming was that a virgin would become pregnant. A young woman becoming pregnant was a common event.

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    it has been said that yes, joseph was well older then Mary. this would account for the "brothers & sisters" mentioned in a couple select verses -- step siblings. it would also account for the fact they didn't not have a sxual relationship after the birth of Christ.

    while many people like to do or say anything that is against the Rcc i find it amusing that until the 1500's -- all was fine. the Rcc has been studying the bible since it has been written. they have been keping word since the time just after Christ. my family has stories and traditions that are passed down orally, as do the Indians and other cultures. i think it is those that do not understand heritage that can not understand the accrpoya & tradition.

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    Maria Valtorta ("Poem of the Man God") saw Joseph as a man of about thirty years old. Venerable Mary of Agreda ("Mystical city of God"), another mystic, says he was 33.

    A Franciscan source argues that Joseph would need to have been young to be her protector and guardian, Jewish men at the time of Jesus usually married by age 18.

    Some of the early writers did portray Joseph as an old man, but that was no doubt to overcome the suggestion that a virile younger man wouln't be able to remain celebate to preserve Mary's perpetual virginity.

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    Joseph was 15 and Mary was 12

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    Wel then you also deleted the answers

    Joseph likely 25-30

    Mary likely 14-15

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    The Bible doesn't say how old she was when she was pregnant or married, like the Hadiths say about Mohammad and Aisha.

    I doubt she was 6 years old though ;)

    edit: well then, you appear to have answered your own question.

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    St Joseph's is a brand of baby aspirin.

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