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Why are people acting like its the beginning of the end for Yankees and A-rod?

I'm not a Yankees fan and I'm not an A-rod fan but man you gotta give the credit where its due

this guy is the best player in the game and if you were one wouldn't you take advantage of every frickin single possiblity to get paid as much as possible? seriously??

i mean not many people were barking at Roger Clemens when he signed that 28 million "1 year contract" last year so why are they pounding A-rod for?

its a sound business decision that athletes make in all sports...opting out to get themselves the biggest contract possible for THEM

and A-rod being THE BEST PLAYER IN THE GAME and one of the best American sports athletes of the past decade, deserves every bit of that

Now i know dude has a history of choking in the what? you don't think he can turn things around???

he has an incredible work ethic, so why wouldn't he continue to work on coming thru in the clutch?

people are acting like its doomsday for A-rod and yanks when in fact its the oppsite..they're loaded


i know he has some issues and some clubhouse problems but who doesn't?

and all this hate and negativity wouldn't be there if it wasn't for BSPN and their rumors and lies (just liek how they do to Kobe and how they did to Phil Jackson's "Brokeback" comment 2 nights ago)

geeze give the man the benefit of the doubt, im sure he can turn things around...he's like what 31? 32? not the end of the world for him...he can still redeem himself

Update 2:

dude IAX

iono if you saw what i posted in the basketball section but it was fakers who posed as me and made up a new account and asked about shutting down the NBA and that a woman's place in the kitchen

it wasn't me

Update 3:

wnba* he even mispelled my name

Update 4:

I dunno why people are taking BSPN so seriously uhh i mean ESPN

ENTERTAINMENT and sports programming network....they're gonna do everything possible to stir up as much noise as possible

they're like the sports version of access hollywood or the insider or whatever tabloid and gossip magazines and tv gossip shows out there

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    .that is exactly what I am trying to explain some eejits here. Red Sox fans were jumping up and down on the idea that A-Rod might sign with them and play shortstop, and now, being the hypocrites they are, they are ripping on the Yankees for making a business decision which is really none of their business anyway. Yankees can pay, and will pay, whoever they want how much they want to pay.

    A-Rod is the best player in the league. To think otherwise is to kid yourself.

    A-Rod, just like Kobe, puts the team on his shoulders and takes them to the playoffs, the 1st step to get to the finals.

    True, playoff record isn't great for A-Rod lately, but that can change faster than you can say Coco Crisp.

    These are just sour grapes, and Red Sox fans are feeling insecured about A-Rod staying here and waiting to drop some A-Bombs on the Green Monster. A-Rod is here for 10 more years. Suck it up.

    I bet they would do the same thing if A-Rod signed with the Angels.

    Edit: Oh ok. My bad, I should have paid attention. LOL.

    Yeah I was surprised. I said to myself, "Whats wrong with Prashant". Whatever did WNBA do to him.

    Oh well.

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    Completely agree look at how many times he had clutch hits in the 9th inning this year. The fans will love him because he approached the yankees to come back to NY and he will be better because he knows he can get the big hit.

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    IAX, I'm a Red Sox fan, and was so not jumping up and down thinking that A-Rod was going to sign w/ us.

    Next time get your facts straight, not all Sox fans were happy about the mere thought of getting A-Rod.

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    the yankees should be the last place he would want to go. they have booed him multiple times even though he is the best player in baseball and he will never be the crowd favorite as long as jeter is around why not go to another team that will make him their crowd favorite. i also have aproblem with the 10 year deal. why would anyone want to tie themselves down to a team that long especially a team with fans that do not respect him. the other problem i have is why get 275 million dollars? no teams other than the red sox and yankees can afford that he is just being greedy i mean what the hell does he need that much money for?

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    Finally, the user "@#$%" above admits he is a wuss, by admitting he blocks Yankee fans who speak the truth.

    anyway, I agree with ya, 100%.

    There is only 1 New York, and 1 A-Rod. A-Rod had to be here. whereelse?

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    I would have liked to have AROD play short for us sure,what i'm excited about is that the yankees are signinig all these 30 + year old players to longterm contracts,instead of getting younger they are getting OLDER,and are certainly not looking to the future,that spells DOOM for the yankees

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    A-Rod is probably the best regular season player. But he can't play during the playoff. Something about the pressure of post season and the expectations that the fans have on him and his expectations of himself. I think it will be very difficult for him to overcome the mental challenge.

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    ^^^^^shes lying she knows she was excited.. now shes defending herself

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