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Why do Christians continue to believe that?

Jesus is going to absolve them of their sins? I was raised christian (rather lazily by my parents) but never accept that idea so christianity eventually faded away for me.

I mean no disrespect. Why do you not care to learn about the rich teachings of other philosophies like Buddhism, Taoism or Zorastorianism? Please tell me, what compels you to hold such die-hard beliefs?

Would you believe that Buddha, like Jesus, also cured impossible diseases, raised the dead, walked on water, and cast out demons?

On a serious note, I am sincerenly interested in learning about your point of view, so please respect mine. Please state your position calmly and without saying I will burn in hell. That get's both sides no-where fast.


Good point Okimreach, but there are parrellels of transformation using the holy spirit in the dhammapada (buddhist holy doctrine). Many mystics, saints and arhants (buddhist equivalent of saints) have written about it as the 'fire that purifies that soul.' You can find in atleast half-dozen religions.

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    Faith for majority, and "personal experience" for minority.

    But for those who had 'personal experience', how could you tell it is from the God, and not from someone else like Satan or other heavenly beings? They could disguised as your God too. In addition, believers from other religion could also have similar 'personal experience' with their respective God.

    Next, pardon me for correcting some wrong 'sayings'. My apology to all for this long reply.

    Hi Worshipful Heart:

    The word 'Enlightened Person' (Buddhism Saints) means someone who has ceased all sufferings of birth - aging - sickness - death. If someone is not born again, how could he "be restored to fellowship with God"?

    Hi Siloam Tech:

    In Indonesia where Tsunami occured, they are mainly Muslims and Hindus. I doubt the accuracy of Buddhists burning down Churches. That is against Buddha's teaching.

    "Don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you" -- this is China Confucius teaching, not Buddhism. I don't know where did you get the verse "don't hit me in the head with a baseball bat" from?

    Praying to ancestors is a traditional practice of Chinese Taoism (not Buddhism). Buddhism accomodate their practice since it is not a bad action. If Christians can offer flowers to the deceased, why can't Chinese offer food to their ancestors?

    Buddhism denies mortality of soul (because there is no single entity called the soul that can exist without other conditions). Buddhism instead teaches the conditional existence of the 5 aggregates (including body and consciousness). The 5 aggregates continue to change (thus immortality) and exist in Samsara. As human, we can't recall our past lives, and thus we do not learn from our past. Reincarnation includes all sentient beings (human, heavenly beings, animals, ghosts, hell) in the whole universe (not just this earth). And thus, the population of earth need not decreases.

    I'm sorry but you have not clearly understand Buddhism.

    Hi The_Cricket VT!:

    Buddha had no tomb. I think you have mixed up the story of the Zen Master BodhiDharma (from India to China). Buddha burned his physical body into relics upon death. Burial of the dead in the ground was not practice in Ancient India. Thus, how could Buddha had a tomb?

  • I studied Buddhism. It was an interesting philosophy, but it's nothing more than that. I didn't find the FULLNESS in Buddhism that I find now in Christ.

    Buddha was accredited with doing miracles...several hundred years after his death. Oh, and he DID die, and his tomb is NOT empty. Jesus, on the other hand, was accredited with doing miracles within just a couple decades, if not less, and the Jewish people had ALWAYS known that His tomb was empty. Why do you think there are so many conspiracy theories (like the disciples stealing the body) about the resurrection?

    I studied witchcraft, and was even into witchcraft for six years. I found it lacking. It didn't give me a sense of salvation. Even the things I was able to do didn't give me the fullness I have now in Christ.

    I didn't study Taoism or Zoroastrianism in depth, but I don't need to. I found the Truth a year ago, and there's no need for me to keep searching.

    I AM, however, studying Islam, Egyptian mythology, and Judaism. ;-) I just believe Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, just like He said He was.

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    It is because I chose to believe God over all else. If He said that I would be saved through Jesus Christ, I believe Him. The point of all of this is: God is trustworthy, He keeps His promises.

    What promise?

    "For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son."

    ( John 3:17 -18 )

    And as far as other religions, let me give you a 'why' on why Christians are not moved by those other religions. Jesus said something about that too, you only have to understand what He said!

    Jesus answered, "Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life."

    ( John 4: 13 - 14 )

    The 'water' He gave was the assuredness that there isn't anything else to believe but only in Him.

    And as far as Zoroastrianism, I did research on that. And I found it lacking. So now am I qualified to believe in the Bible, and not that other thing? Does someone have to learn all the wrong ways to do something, or is it allowable that once a person is satisfied by the truth, that they can be sure about it? Why can't the right way be found before those other things?

    Also, there is the Holy Spirit, you apparently didn't include Him in your 'Christian walk'. I hope you meet Him someday. There is no greater conviction you can receive than when He makes a visit to you. And no, I am not Pentecostal.

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    Religion Is An Important Issue

    But Anyone Can Go To Heaven As Long As They Respect Everyone And Care For Others

    We All Believe In What We Are Taught As A Child

    But Heaven Isnt Just For Muslims Christians Or Buddhists

    Its For Good People

    That Simple

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    Believing is faith, i'm not saying that budda didn't possibilty work some miracles, and I have studied other religions, mostly to know the different aspects and beliefs.

    But I am still a Christian, always will be, Why? because I know, because I can feel the Holy spirit, because the Father has shown me time and time again of his love for me, I know, I don't need any proof beyond this knowing, it's not something you learn so much as it is the feeling you recieve when he answers your prayers.

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    You don't seem to understand.

    Jesus DID absolve me from my sins.

    I know the moment it happened - when I was born again, and received the gift of eternal life, over 36 years ago. I have had a relationship with the Living God ever since.

    There is NOTHING that Buddha, or Zoroaster or any other manmade philosophy can offer me that is superior to what I have received through Jesus Christ.

    You see - He really is God in the flesh.

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    Dear Friend,

    Chirstianity has always a hope. The hope whic is lost also chirstianity Blosoms it. What the other philopies talks are from Jesus chirst. Because he is the Word of GOD from the beginiing.If you go away from truth. You are like the wandering clouds which doest give rain.Tell me which philospies takes away from you the sins.Is there asny philosphy talks abouts this. Have ever stooped you from seeing the neighbourhood women lustly.which phisophy always bee with you and tell us you that ur doing wrong.

    which philosphy teaches you the right way



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    to start with , Buddha is dead and will be judged on judgement day in the same way, by the same God that we all must face- he may have had some wisdom, he may have done great things , but he is nothing more than a man who lived , died and must answer to his creator along with all the rest of us in the end.

    Jesus, on the other hand is alive- He is the source and epitamy of all wisdom - he conquered death , hell and the grave! The fullness of God dwelt in Jesus and he walked perfection- it went way beyond miracles and works , but a life lived in complete obedience ot God and a perfect sacrifice that made the way for all mankind, including Buddha, to be restored to fellowship with God.

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    Because the Bible says to accept no other Gospel than the one that has been given to us by God,not to even wish them Godspeed,lest you partake of their sins. They're accursed.

    I don't see where any of these that you've mentioned can offer absolution for sins nor have they died to make atonement for the sins of the world.

    Source(s): The Holy Bible Jesus Is Lord
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    I really like Buddhism. If I wasn't Christian, Buddhism or Toaism would be my 2nd choices

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