If there is no lease for a house that is being rented can you be evicted with only 24 hours notice.?

I live in Georgia.

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    No. Are you paying rent? You have rights. Google renters rights, and talk to a lawyer.

    I believe they have to give you thirty days notice, but double check for your state. Also, if you paid first last and security, you're entitled to what you pay for. There are many laws protecting you from being homeless in these circumstances.

    From now on GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!!!!!!!

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    Eviction is a legal process like foreclosure. And if the landlord does anything around the legal process he could have legal recourse against him. Check Georgia eviction law or Georgia eviction process for more information on the eviction process in Georgia. Hope this helps

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    Lease or no lease you can't be evicted with only 24 hours notice. Evictions in most states take 30 days.

    Source(s): I am a landlord in PA
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    Nope...and it does NOT matter if you are paying rent or not.

    If there is no lease, then statutory law applies, which in all states is a 30-day notice delivered by the court.

    If the landlord tries to lock you out, call the POLICE..who will inform the landlord that they must go to court to obtain a legal eviction, and if they don't open the residence, they will tell the landlord that you will have permission to break into the house to gain access....that usually fixes that.

    Be sure to provide documentation that you live there such as utility bills, etc.

    A landlord cannot resort to self-help measures for an eviction...despite what they will tell you.

    Source(s): see my profile.
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  • 1 decade ago

    No. The rules are different for every state, but here is what I found for Georgia.


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