Downloading songs to an ipod nano 4 gb thats not mine!@!?

okay so my friend got a new ipod it dosent have anything on it so thay want me to download some songs on it beacuse i have limwire what do i do now help!!!

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    The easiest thing for you and your friend would be to use the iPod as an external hard drive.

    > Locate the source files (yellow folders) on your computer. If you don't know where they are go to Start> Search and type in the destination path which can be found in the LimeWire download list (to the right of the song).

    > Attach your friend's iPod to the computer (don't open iTunes) and go to Start> My Computer.

    > Drag and drop the source files into the iPod Drive.

    > When your friend gets to their computer they need to open iTunes and make sure that it is set to "manually manage music" BEFORE they attach the iPod to the computer. Also, they need to select Edit> Preferences> Advanced> and make sure that "Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized" and "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to Library" are checked and click "OK."

    > Attach iPod.

    > Go to Start> My Computer> iPod Drive and drag and drop the music files into the iTunes interface.

    > Once the files have successfully been transferred to iTunes delete the files in the iPod Drive (only the music files!).

    > Now that all of the music is in iTunes your friend can either syc the iPod or manually drag and drop songs into the iPod icon on the left hand side of the iTunes screen.

    If your friend just can't wait to get home to listen to the music they can drag and drop the songs into the iPod using iTunes and then use the link below to learn how to get music from the iPod into iTunes (it's a whole different set of steps when the music was not put on there using the Start> My Computer route.);_ylt=AhJ6o...

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    You can load it up - it will ask for permission to format - but when the friend plugs into their comp. all will be lost because it will again reformat -unless they are always going to use it @ your house

    instead burn mp3 CD for friend for their comp. they can put in songs and keep forever!

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