how do i make this itchy feeling go away?!?

for years now i have been struggling with skin allergies. i have tried EVERYTHING!

the doctors are calling it excema (which they have admitted means they really dont know what it is, that something is just coming in contact with me that causes the break out)

when tested for allergies, i was allergic to everything on thier chart (as far as hay fever allergies go)

i have hundreds of scars from where i itch till it bleeds and also many broke open scratch wounds.

sometimes i cant sleep at night because i itch so bad

i get allergy shots and am taking meds (have been for like 3 years)

its embarrasing...if i wear shorts or a short sleeve tee people can see all my scars and wounds and they look at me funny...imagine the first impression i make on people...

ive been on powerful medicine that is pretty bad for you and it makes it go away...but then it always come back

does anyone know how i can make it stop itching? i hate it and im tired of it anc cant stand it ANYMORE!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First off, I can feel your pain. When my symptoms of itching and red spots broke out the doctors told me I had excema and treated me with all of creams that were very expensive.

    I spent nights crying because it wouldn't stop itching and I had open wounds that were bleeding.

    I finally found a doctor (Dermatologist) who said I had psoriasis which is different from excema. It's a auto-immune disorder. I don't want to diagnosis you, but it's something you may want to bring up the next time you go to the doctors. Good Luck!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    take antihystamines, and if they dont work , take a different brand

    A dust mite problem? read about it on the net, you may be prone if you have carpets, animals, and dont change your sheets regularly. Its the urine of the dust mite that makes you itch.

    To eliminate your house, live at an aunties for a fortnight and if itch goes away analyse whats different between the two envirionments.

    I agree with Starry above about the aloe vera

    get a large pot of aloe vera and grow it in the sun.

    each morning cut off a leaf at the base of the plant

    cut off the pointy bit.

    slice off the spiky edges.

    then slice the leaf in half along its full length.

    rub the wet bit over your sores, and scar tissue.

    But remember, this not addressing the cause.

  • 1 decade ago

    I often use aloe vera gel, Sarna lotion or witchhazel. If I still can't get rid of the itch an ice pack always works.

  • 1 decade ago

    hydrocordizone stops itching and heals .. best if used overnight. also try aveeno anti itch lotion also use before bedtime. or aloe vera

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