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DISNEYLAND AND HOTELS. Family friendly..?

My family is going to Disneyland in California in January, most likely it will be really cold. I was wondering if anyone knew of any hotels with the following requirements:

An indoor swimming pool

Hot tub

Preferably a nicer hotel, not some cheap crappy one

Maybe a fitness room

Close to Disneyland, it's okay if we have to take a shuttle though

Non smoking rooms

Enjoyable for a family with a toddler and teenagers

It would be wonderful if you could leave me some good websites that show good pictures and information. Thank you! If you have any tips about Disney land that’s good too.

Thank you for your time. :) Have a wonderful day.

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    The only place I can think of with an indoor pool is the Hilton Anaheim ( ) -- it's one mile from Disneyland, but I don't think they offer shuttle transportation.

    That being said -- I wouldn't just look for a place with an indoor pool. It won't be *that* cold in SoCal, and you probably won't spend too much time swimming, anyways (then again, you might, who knows!).

    The Disneyland Resort hotels are your best option, as they are on property and are steps away from the theme parks. Check out for more info, and visit for trip planning, etc.

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    Um. It is Disneyland. They put the "family" in "family friendly" location. And it won't be ALL that cold in January (unless you are from the tropics or Southern Hemisphere and are used to 90 degree weather in January). Plan on 50-60 degree weather in January - clear and crisp and warm enough for a tee-shirt, jeans and sweater.

    As for family friendly hotels... try any one of the Disney resort hotels. Disneyland Hotel, Grand Hotel.... right there AT Disneyland. There are more and you can find them at the Disney website...

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    well first of all, i lived in central california for thirteen years, and i never once experienced a "cold" january there, it was usually about 65 degrees [more or less] during the daytime. however, it does tend to get a little colder at night. my boyfriend and i recently went to disneyland this past summer and we stayed at the california adventure park hotel/lodge, and we enjoyed it a lot. it was just a few steps from the california adventure park and downtown disney. there was a hot tub and a pool, but they were both outside. there was also a fitness room AND a really nice spa. the rooms were non-smoking, and they had a character breakfast almost every morning. hope this helps - have fun on your trip!

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    i can't give you any tips about hotels in california better than you could find on the internet but i can tell you some things about the park.

    if you have young children, under 5, bring a stroller no matter the park you attend.

    be sure you research the parks before you go to them. many, like epcot in FL, aren't orientated towards younger children. i don't assume disney land in CA is much different.

    plan a day at the beach; unless you live near one, your children will love you for this day!

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    You could stay at one of the resorts there at disneyland. I sent off for a vacation planning video from their website and it gave alot of information on the hotel and the resorts that they have and they have special rates for vacationing families. The video also shows you what some of the points of interest are at disneyland and it gives you an indepth virtual tour. You should send off for one.

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    i'd recommend Seal sea coast or Huntington sea coast. - Seal sea coast has the Pacific inn motel = a sparkling, difficulty-free, motel that interior of reason low-cost (type of perfect Western high quality). it really is about 5 blocks from the sea coast in a quaint little community. - Huntington your possibilities might want to be the Hilton, Hyatt, or Shorebreak. i imagine there is also a perfect Western extremely farther down. With little ones, i'd chosen Seal sea coast. It has a touch playground on the land aspect of the pier. both Seal sea coast & Huntington have a significant street, yet Seal sea coast's is extra kin pal. - the worst element about Seal sea coast is the Ruby's Diner is closed on the top of the pier (it may or might want to no longer reopen for the summer season). Huntington has a historic Ruby's Diner on their pier. - the better section about Huntington is the dogs sea coast. Seal sea coast and Huntington are about a similar holiday time. Huntington you'll take aspect streets to get to. Seal you'll flow all the way down to the top of the 22W and then round.

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