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what does ram do?

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    Ram or random access memory in your computer is a place to hold the programs for your CPU, all your applications and programs in your PC are saved on the hard drive and because of the differently between the speed of you CPU(which is so faster than hard drive) we have a Ram in between of both of them(CPU and HADR drive),any time you clicking in any icons or run any application , first computer lode the program from hard drive into the ram and then it’s ready for CPU to read it line by line (line of programs), and executed and finally display it as a output, that’s why it is important to have good portion of ram in your PC, more ram (with a good speed) it means faster PC.

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    RAM is basically a temporary location that allows information to be processed at a fast rate. RAM is faster than your hard drive. Your hard drive is like the library of the school, all information is in there, and when a program is run, the information is taken from the hard drive, and put into the RAM to be processed faster.

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    in simple terms RAM is like a table. the more RAM u have the bigger the table. Now think of games and applications as board games and puzzles. The more RAM you have the more space you have to do do these games and puzzles because you can do more of them at once instead of waiting for one to finsh and do the next one.

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    Your computer is a filing cabinet

    the drawers are the programs eg MS word

    inside the drawers are files and folders (the yellow folder symbol looks like a manilla folder)

    When the program is active the program stores a brief case of information in the drawer along with the files and folder. this is the cache

    The RAM is the secretary that reaches in and out of the drawers and accesses the cache and interfaces it with the OS.

    the OS is the manager that takes the secretary out to lunch.

    When they get up to shannigans and dont return the system crashes.

    something like that......

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    ram is randon access memory. It stores data.

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