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I'm about to launch my travel agency website, what's the best way to get people to know my website?

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    1 decade ago
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    There's no single best way. It has to be a combination of on-line and off-line promotion.

    On-line make sure that your site is optimised for the search engines to find. That includes things like making sure you have the appropriate key words on every page. Think in terms of what your visitors are searching for - holidays in Bali, skiing in the French Alps etc.

    Off-line marketing includes identifying your target markets and putting your site's name in front of them. It's too wide to say you want everyone who travels. Maybe you do but you'll reach them faster by segmenting them. For instance, if you offer packages for business travel, contact companies in your area and let them know that's what you do. If you specialise in family holidays, ask local nurseries if you can put up a poster on their notice board.

    It's all right to target a number of niches at the same time but you have to address each of them separately.

    Good luck!

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    1 decade ago

    Once launched, submit your website to major search engines like Google, Yahoo and msn. Once after submitted, make submissions in

    1. free or paid directories

    2. travel related forums

    3. Create and post blogs

    4. Generate link building in high PR domains.

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    I have found and use these great tools that help me spread the word all over the web. And the company that sells them has live messenger support! (which is rare and an awesome plus)

    check it out! and good luck ;-)

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