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if you had to choose...who from the rap/hip hop section would become...?

1. A Millionare

2. A bum

3. A producer

4. A rapper

5. An Inmate

6. A Politician

7. Sucidal

8. Homicidal

9. A Model

10. A professor..

Can you tell I'm bored?


BTW, our draft should be on monday or tuesday, cuz I'm gone the rest of the week (untill saturday)

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    1. Aim Jeezy, he should be an actor, because he sure as hell made iThug seem Real.

    2. Charlie Checkum, only logical choice.

    3.Me, as soon as I get some equipment... mainly a mpc.

    4.You, at least u have a vocab.

    5. Stanley, I see fraud in his future, identity theft most likely.

    6. HNIC, very opinionated and well spoken.

    7. Charlie Checkum again, deppresion is going to hit him hard.

    8. Escobar, hes just crazy,

    9. ;) or buttery Biz, some fine azz females.

    10. querty, sounds smart. lol i dunno

  • qwerty
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    I'm like the white guy on the And1 mixtape tour.

    1 Yay Area

    2 iThug (he still lives)

    3 AimJeezy


    5 CrashKillaTheB*tch

    6 Charlie Check'm (he's good at the propaganda and a tireless campaigner)

    7 whoever I battle next

    8 Escobar

    9 Never seen anyone, so, Qwerty

    10 HNIC

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    1. Evil

    2. Checkm

    3. Aimjeezy

    4. Stef

    5. iThug (lol)

    6. HNIC

    7. ??


    9. ??

    10. Buttery Biz (seems pretty smart)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Benevolence or Micheal H

    2. Bradley ( sad but true)

    3. Evil C (remember you said you was getting into making beats)


    5. Me ! (if i don't start to chill)

    6. HNIC or Benevolence

    7. Charlie Checkm (cause his music & carer fails)


    9. Pecan Rican or tatiu (sorry if i spelt ya name wrong)

    10. Evil C hands down (keep up the good work)


    Athlete : Yay Area (keep up the good work)

    Actor : aim jeezy

    Comedian : Bob (what ever happend to him)

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    1. Evil - those computers are gonna make you rich boy!

    2. Charlie Checkm

    3. Aim Jeezy

    4. Yay Area

    5. Bob


    7. No one

    8. Rotti

    9. HNIC

    10. Me!!!!

  • Anonymous
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    1. Benevolence (he seem really smart)

    2. Charlie Checkm (I feel bad for the guy)

    3. ***ME!!!***


    5. Crashkilla (he seem a little off to me)

    6. HNIC or Liquidswords (but he don't get on no more)

    7. I aint wishin suicide on *NOBODY*

    8. ^^^

    9. : ) i see you girl!

    10. qwerty (he be puttin people in line sometimes!)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. A Millionare...ME

    2. A bum....EVIL

    3. A producer...NOT EVIL?

    4. A rapper...imtheman

    5. An a psych ward...stef

    6. A Politician...ME

    7. Sucidal...stef

    8. Homicidal...Escobar

    9. A Model...?

    10. A professor...that smart guy, can't remember his name.

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    10. Me,for the way I school kids on what real rap is and isn't.

    Well, I'm a mad scientist, so. I could be 8 if you want me to be lol.

    Source(s): Been listening to rap music since Joeski Love was doing the Pee Wee's Dance with Ice-T in the video back in 86'.
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