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can you play runescape and other java or flash games on the ipod touch?

I'm thinking of getting an ipod touch but i'm wondering if i can play online games on it like runescape and if it does play online games does it play java game, flash games or both it i can't use the wi fi on the ipod touch then i may as well jush get a ipod classic so thats why i'm wondering what capabilities the web browser has

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    Unfortunately, iPod Touch, iPhone, and most other handheld/PDA devices do not support Java (and most don't support Flash, either). The web browsers in these devices are designed to display one page at a time, which would be difficult if Javascripts were in effect (resulting in popups, oversized banners, etc.)

    Additionally, the resolution and typing features of the iPhone and Touch would be far too cramped to play RuneScape. Even if you could see the whole screen, can you imagine trying to choose a menu item less than an eigth of an inch high with your finger?

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    5 years ago

    Ipods basically have no way to get runescape.

  • Elle
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    one word NO

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