Dennis Dixon Heisman frontrunner?

I hate to say it, but clearly Dixon should be the frontrunner for the Heisman. Apparently he is the only player on the entire team that is worth anything. How else can you explain #2 losing to such a horrible opponent?

Team should be called the Oregon Dixons.


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    Nah, McFadden is easily the best offensive player in the NCAA hands down, I do agree that this loss should def. help Dixon's case. Was that the backup squad playing tonight?

    Source(s): Koleman: a healthy ducks team could beat anyone? I think you mean anyone except Cal right? Guess Les Miles was right saying all those negative things about the Pac-10...
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    1 decade ago

    Arizona isn't that bad. The Pac-10 is really, really strong and it contains a lot of underrated teams. Dixon managed to throw an interception before he left, and he threw 3 interceptions in the loss to Cal. I think you have to look elsewhere for your Heisman frontrunner. Dixon is a very mediocre passer. He's a slightly less talented version of Vince Young.

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    Yeah all he did was win.

    What's wrong with that?

    Mike Hart was in the race earlier in the season and he missed games.

    Unless some doesn't show up at the last second, Dixon should win the Heisman.

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    The Ducks are not over rated Dixon scored a rushing td only 2:30 into the game then helped get a 2pt conversion. The outcome ofthe Arizona game wouldve been much dif if Dixon was still there. yes he is still up there for the Heisman

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    10 freshman, and pocket QB trying to run a spread option offense with a sprained ankle, and to top it off Stewart went down. Still the coaching staff should of had a plan just in case Dixon went down.

    A healthy Ducks team could beat any college team out there. Well because of the loss it now is just my opinion, if they get lucky ASU will lose and the Ducks will have to settle for the Rose Bowl where they can stomp Ohio St. or Michigan(again)

    ( LSU- Your right, Cal made the plays OU didn't. Cal got the win just like Kentucky did)

    Source(s): All who think Ducks are overrated why don't you look at the injuries they have, and there offence was built around a running QB, you take the option QB out of the option offence that leaves only the running back as a huge target. Take Tebow out of the game and you have a sh*ty Florida... Does that make Florida overrated? With out him they would have at least 3 more loses
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    the loss to arizona could do one of two things- (1) completely blow his heisman hopes out of the water or (2) engrave his name on the statue. yes i know it can go either way, the loss either points out that oregon was seriously overrated or that dixon was that much of an offensive weapon that when he went out there was no way oregon would win. i would venture to say that the loss hurts him more that anything, especially with him going out with an injury. if the injury is serious enough to bench him for a game or two then his heisman hopes are gone.

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    they wouldnt been losing if he hadnt had a helmet to the knee...and Brady Leaf- he just sucked (i make fun of him all the time) he's in my class....sure dixon is a one man team but many players helped such as Young, Williams, and other players get them to where they cleary happy if he wins the trophy not only cuz he's good, but becuase he invited me to his Heisman bash party....o yeah GO DUCKS!!!

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    hes not the front runner, the only reason he was talked up his team was 2, now espn will have to jump on another , wait and see its their method every year, the best does not win it whos in the top 2 spots, havent had a heisman since 94 its all been media hype, dmac still the better, tebow should have it but hes a soph so well just have to wait to see who espn jumps on now

  • 1 decade ago! He's hurt now and they JUST lost to Arizona. I know it's an individual award, but the team has to be good. History says that the award winner went to a player on a good team almost EVERY time. Glenn Dorsey should win it, in my opinion. A defensive player hasn't won it since Charles Woodson did.

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    He is an option QB, how in this day and age in college football can an option QB be considered as a heisman candidate. I know he was a one man team and critical to his teams success but Oregon plays high school football.

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