im just curious about the jail system?

i dont know if there are any police officers that can answer this but, but watching the news about cracking down on ms 13 gangsters , what happens to them do they stay in jail or prison for life, or do they leave after a couple of years

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  • sugar
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    1 decade ago
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    idk who the ms 13 gangsters are..or what they're being arrested for. each crime has different sentences but even that varies on the indvidual.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ok, man

    I was recently incarcerated for having a suspended lisence(which I wasn't notified about),

    they arrested me. and put me through "the system".

    they hold you until you can face a judge. you're supposed to see the judge in 24 hours, but it took them 41 hours to put me before a judge. the judge looked at my sheet and took 30 seconds to send me home, no fines, no nothing.

    if it were a more serious crime I would be held (like on riker's island or something) on bail until my trial.

    the judge decides how much bail will be, depending on the severity of the crime. if you can't post bail you stay in jail until the trial. who ever posts the bail money gets the money back when you go to your trial.

    ok, so after the trial there is the sentencing, which may not be immediately after the trial, where the judge decides how much time you get and you get it then and there. that's when you get sent away.

    anyways it was a messed up situation because by the discretion of a police officer, you are arrested and sent through this system, designed to incriminate everyone in there.

    anyways, never get arrested, it sucks.

  • 1 decade ago

    That is a pretty open ended quesiton. It will have to do a lot with the seriousness of the crime, and the persons prior record.

    I can tell you most states have penalty enhancers for a gang related crimes. This adds additional years to the sentence. In Wisconsin, you can add up to 5 additional years if you can prove gang affiliation.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They are like any other criminal. They serve their sentence depending on the crime. If they are here illegally they are deported.

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