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I'm having trouble finding about the Vietnam War.?

I'm supposed to define the Vietnam War, but on the net I only find long articles about it. Does anyone know something really short?


I'm not supposed to write an essay!

I'm supposed to define what the Vietnam War means...that's all...

Update 2:

like who started it and why

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    The Vietnam War resulted from the United States assiting France in an attempt to preserve French colonies in Vietnam. After the French had given up on the area, the US continued to attempt to prevent Communist expansion through a massive, though ineffective, bombing campaign and the introduction of MILLIONS of ground troops eventually. President Johnson was repsonsible for the increase in US efforts in Vietnam.

    The War was ultimately a failure for the United States, and history has exposed Johnson as an idiot. Richard Nixon was President when the Us began to withdraw its troops from the area.

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    Make it short and sweet... Vietnam was divided after the French got booted out. North was socialist and the corrupt democratic South was U.S. backed.

    The Viet Cong (Later on the N. Vietnamese Army took an active role) were infiltrating from the North and had sympathizers in the South. U.S. helped by providing materiel and troops and had an ever increasing role (Trying to prevent the Domino Effect).

    Peaked in 1968. Nixon wanted peace with honor and tried to prop up the South so the U.S. could leave due to pressures back home. Finally withdrew most troops right around '75.

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    the vietnam war was different for different soldiers.. for some in the heat of battle it was hell on earth. for others who were not in the heat of battle it was a party with volleyball and beer drinking.

    this conflict had all the horrors of injustices of world war 2. both sides guilty. it was something our government did not take seroiously. and the troops that were there were not fully supported by the gov.

    for many when they came home and got off the planes, there was no celebration. but people spitting and calling them baby killers.

    Americas purpose in the war was to stop the spread of communism. but north vietnam's purpose was to conquer south vietnam. and that they did.....

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    I would go to a VFW or contact them. There really is no short story for this, and I think if you actually met one that you would not at all find it boring and you would have a whole lot more insight on it. Trust me the real thing is alot better than just reading about it and you would make a vet's day just by taking the time to listen

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    North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam, the US got involved to stop the spread of communism. You need to read about it, there's a lot more to it!!!

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    Started with france trying to mantain their Rubber producing colony... and a nationalist movement that fought to get them out and get their country back... since France and the USA were allies... USA secretly send CIA troop to train the Anti-communist army... backed by the french... later on France retreated all together from view and action... leaving the americans to fight their war... in short... it was a war created by greed.. fueled by lies... and with terrible results.

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    You're kidding right? Why do you want an easy answer to a complicated war? You should read everything you can and summarize the war for yourself.

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    well you have to deal with it just skim through it or go to your local library its got all sorts of books in every topic

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