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am really afraid of lizards. can anyone please tell me how i can overcome the fear?


everytime there is a lizard in the house i have to get someone to get rid of it else am not at peace. i cant eat, cant sleep, get diarrohea and vomiting. please some one help, how do i overcome this ?

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    An effective method is to gradually expose yourself to them, but this is a method usually done only by professionals for safety reasons. You might try this in a less confrontational way with someone who knows you well and will know the difference between when you have anxiety and actual life-threatening fear. You might start with less threateing images or representaions of lizards, and move to animals that resemble them but are smaller and less scary, and then move to the real deal. Trust your friend/sibling/whomever is helping you to know when to say enough is enough, because the important thing to see is that you will be alright, no matter how scared you get.

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    Wow, that's wild. Don't ever go to Mexico or St. Thomas- the Iguanas will really freak you out. First, have you figured out why you are so afraid of them? When I was a kid a daddy long leg spider crawled over my face while I was sleeping and now I have a fear of spiders. It isn't immobilizing though. Second, and this will really bug you at first, go to a zoo or a place that has a lot of lizards around and just observe them. They're quite harmless, really. Third, once you are okay with being around them, try holding one in the palm of your hand. Sometimes when you face your fear you are able to get past it. I also had a fear of flying, but the more I do it, the less panicky I feel. I also did some research on how planes work because for the longest time I really didn't think it was possible even though planes are in the sky all the time. I would think that you would be able to just go through life avoiding lizards, but since they are invading your dreams you really should try to conquer this fear. I am wondering if they symbolize something else in your life and that is what you are really afraid of facing. Talk to a doctor about it if it gets to the point that you can't function normally or sleep soundly.

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    Ummmmmmmmm........................just how often do you get lizards in your house? Are you sure they are not giant cockroaches? Or small dogs? This is a unique phenomenon to me, but I think that if I was having this problem I would either call the lizard control department of your local animal shelter or perhaps increase my medication.

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    You have to face your fears my dear! You have start out with a small household lizard. Those things don't hurt at all. I have several of them and they are pretty cool!

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    just how ricky bobby did with the bobcat and fear. face that *****! you ain't scared of him. a f'in lizard! if you're scared of a lizard you got some deep problems which probably aint fixable like, can anyone help me? tsh. i ain't touchin that one. i'm offended.

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