Should I keep the cold sore scab dry or moist?

I have had a cold sore for 6 days and now it is at the scabbing stage. The scab is big and doesn't look like it wants to come off. From the start of the cold sore I have been trying to keep the area dry. Should I moisturize the scab? would it help to fall of faster? or Should I just keep it dry? I am meeting my bf's parents in 5 days for thanksgiving! PLEASE HELP!

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    It really depends on your skin type.If you have oily skin,like me,I would GENTLY wash it with soap in water.Works on me.Maybe some of that abreva stuff too.Other wise I would just put medicated chapstick on it and hope for the best.^^Hope this helped.:P

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    attempt to not pull the scabs off, it could reason scarring too. What continually worked for me is as quickly as i'm able to experience them coming... I start up taking benadryl... yup over-the-counter benadryl.. i've got not had yet another outbreak by using fact that.

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