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Really Easy Please Answer.?

How will a girl avoid a guy.

when shes not interested with him.

Some Tips.

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    be alittle more rude so he will lose interest so she doesnt have to be the one to tll him to go away

    Kind of ignore him or keep conversations short

    and just change her schedule to not run into him

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    she will make u wanna do something that she doesn't so that she makes u feel bad. She might try and get u to break up with her if u guus r going out but. She will say that she doesn't feel good or anything that u kno isn't true. She'll give u hints just trust me

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    she can avoid by telling the guy that she is going through an operation of sex change in next week

  • Be short when answering your questions, then start talking to someone else, say she's busy/sick/working everytime you ask to go out,

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    be honest without being cruel

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    1 decade ago

    they knowes it why do u bother so much.

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