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When men and women pass on the sidewalk, do men yield more than women? Do we notice? Should men yield more?

Guys, when you and a woman pass each other, do you twist to get out of her way, does she twist or do you both twist about the same? I live in Cambridge, MA, USA, a very feminist dominated city. If I don't yield to a woman, we will bump. When a guy and I pass, we both yield a little each, or step aside a bit. I notice I usually have to do all the yielding, though, when a woman and I walk passed each other. Do you notice that too?


True, this issue does not have much to do directly with football itself, but it has to do with regular guys. And regular guys have a lot to do with football, so it's a regular guy thing, like football.

Update 2:

And if I posted this question in the etiquette section, would you guys see it?

Update 3:

Hi, RWB4646, yeah I'm just a guy, hopefully kind of regular. I like my home team, the Pats. You are right, we need to show respect as men, but I think we also need to realize when our respect is being taken advantage of, rather than appreciated and reciprocated as it should be. Is the utmost respect we give women also shown by women to men in general? And who is Nancy?

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    Unless the woman is a large offensive tackle I dont see what in the heck this has to do with football.

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    I'm sorry but a "regular guy" wouldn't ask this question in the football category.

    That being said "Nancy", a real man would always show the utmost respect and yield to a woman . By the way are you a football fan ? If so , what team?

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    The key thing is to walk on the right side of the sidewalk. Be civil. Give fat people a wide berth. They are fat and entitled to a larger proportion of the sidewalk. Also they don't move so well, their lateral movement is dulled. They're like tanks running out of diesel, permit them to get to their destination without expending extra effort.

    As for women, often they don't yield that is accurate.

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    I think you lost your way while yielding the right of way,etiquette lessons are on a different section

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    What the h ell does this have to do with football?????????

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