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Whats to stop me leaving the country if i am a convicted felon on probation with a valid passport.?

I am a convicted felon on probation with a valid passport, What is to stop me leaving the country, Your passport is only for verification of your name against the ticket. IS your name on the Airport computers to say you are on probation and that you can'r leave.

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    I don't believe so. You could probably flee the country.

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    The terms of your felony probation most likely prohibit travel outside the state, much less the country.

    There isn't a specific databank that is checked at airport security for probationers. Nothing will stop you from leaving; unless you a spot-checked and they run your name/social security number.

    You might have some trouble returning, however.

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    the fact that your a convicted felon on probation,,and im sure they run more checks on passports than just verification.most countries run checks to see if your wanted global so being on probation im sure will come up as well and the fact that they moniter your address and as soon as they find your not there your a felon on the run.

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    there is a connection between the police and the homeland security which is represented at the boarders by the immigration when you are leaving the country you will be stopped or maybe arrested at the time you give your passport to immigration officer to give you the exit stamp because what they do before the stamping your passport is they type your passport number and then the system will tell all about you......

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    Most times nothing as how many people are prepared to move. So no need to stop outbound people as it is the coming back that will be the problem.

    Not cleared with probation and a US citizen? You get your jail time.

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    I don't think you would any problem leaving your country

    which must be America and I am sure a bit less **** would

    be welcome.

    Your problem is"Bad boy where you gonna

    run to".

    If you are considering any country that has a friendly

    relationship with the U.S.A. book a return ticket.

    Getting out is easy.Getting in is hard.

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    I would think if you're on probation, you would have to get approval from your probation officer to leave the country, which is doubtful. Don't you have to check in with your PO?

    I wouldn't do it. Is it worth violating your probation? I'd hate to have to come and get you.

    Source(s): I'm an extradition officer
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    The fact that you are on probation should be what keeps you from leaving the country, but if you decide to violate that then that's your choice and it doesn't seem that there would be anything to physically keep you from leaving.

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    Do you have permission from your probation officer to leave the country? If no, you are breaking the law. And you can find yourself in prison or jail. What's to stop you? Awareness that you are contemplating breaking the law and fear of going to jail or prison.

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    As a felon, not only would you be able to leave the county but I'm sure you would be encouraged to leave it, and not come back.

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    I really hope common sense kicks in here. I don't know if your name pops up on lists or not. I do know that you probably have parents that had to deal with you being in jail/prison and you really don't need to put them through this crap of running off.

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