what's a good way to rip (camcorder) dvds?

i own a canon DC40 mini-dvd camcorder and the roxio burning program that came with it doesn't work - and canon customer support was very unhelpful on the phone. also, i was very disappointed to see that, as compared to miniDV cameras, this camera is not made to transfer video to a computer's hard drive for editing.

i can, however, play the mini-dvds in my (windows xp) computer as i would a normal dvd. so my question is: what is a good program to rip the data off of the mini-dvds to my hard drive, for the purpose of editing and eventually to burn as full-size dvds? will the same program both rip from a dvd and burn to a dvd? when i google this there's so many programs that i have no idea where to even begin deciding. also, i would prefer the program to be inexpensive, but feel free to suggest something expensive if it's the best so that i know what's out there.


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