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How would you name these?

I'm having trouble on these, that I couldn't do:

ClF3: is it just covalent or something? Fluorine total= -3 charge, while Cl = -1...

Same situation: PtCl4: Platinum is +2, and Cl4= -4.... I just guessed it is Platinum Chloride, and if it's right, I have no idea why.

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    1 decade ago
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    they are all covalent, and they can exist because of something called an expanded octet, their names are chlorine flouride and platinum chloride

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    there names are chlorine trifluoride, platinum tetrachloride. why, because they are found on the same side of the periodic table, both are non metals

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    1 decade ago

    ClF3 is actually called chlorine trifluoride im pretty sure.

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