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What are some signs of bad bearings in the alternator?

What are the signs? and is it possible to reseal the seal thats on the bearings after you take the seal off?

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    no it isn't possible to re-seal it ,that is a factory sealed bearing and requires no maintenance what so ever if it goes bad or you remove the seal or the seal comes off from being worn out,it has to be replaced,it wont last a day if you put it back on,you have to have new bearings put in it and by the time you have that done you can get a re-built alternator for it a lot cheaper,when those go out they have to be replaced,if you hear noise from the alternator or see a voltage drop in it,or see it getting hot,it has to be replaced,good luck on it.

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    Is it the alternator, or loose fanbelt? Check that out first.

    Depends on your brand of Alternator; but most can be re-conditioned. We regularly get alternators rebuilt for our rally cars, and it's always with a higher output stator - 55A made up to 80A, etc.

    If the bearing is not spinning in its housing; you've got a chance of rebuilding; though changeover is the same price, usually; unless you have a rarer model, in which case it has to be rebuilt.

    How bad is the retainer bearing? If the vent fan at the front doesn't wobble around, and doesn't move backward and forward, as distinct from around, then you've got a rebuild chance.

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    first sign the seal falls off. second the bearings look blue. third the noise. as far as replacement if it is a classic kits are available if not a replacement with a lifetime warranty is a better option.

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    squealing and smoking. Repair is pretty near impossible, best bet is to throw the old one away and put in a new one.

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    obvious noise and probably low state of charge les expensive to replace rather than rebuild

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    if you on hook the + side of the battery with the car still running if the alternator is bad the car will shut off but if it is good it will stay running

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