The Sims 2 - Nanny wont do her job.?

I hired a Nanny to care for the Toddler while Mom is at work . The problem is she doesnt do that , All she does is make herself at home , Eats ,Swims watches T.V ect. when mom comes home the toddler is tired ,dirty and hungry .

here are some things I did to try to get her to do job and the outcome.

1) Locked all doors to off limit rooms ... She still went in

2) Pushed furniture in front of off limit rooms ... she stood in front of them and yelled .

3)Used make selectable cheat so I could control her ..My teen wouldnt go to school cause he would be leaving child alone even though Nanny was on the lot .

I tried all this and she just wont care for toddler period.

Is this normal or a glitch ?

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    1 decade ago
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    That's a very old problem - been there since the base game - some of the nannies are useless. I usually turn the fridge to the wall (so they don't eat the family out of house and home) and leave her to it. The parents just have to pick up the slack when they get home. The toddler will sleep on the floor and you can always turn the fridge back the right way round if they get hungry and the nanny keeps trying to feed them.

    Otherwise, I just let her moan about not being able to get to the fridge. She's only there to stop the social worker coming and taking the kids. It's more of a problem when her schedule gets out of synch - this can happen when the parent sims get promoted.

    I don't cheat though you can if you like. I find it takes the point out of the game (not that there is much point anyway).

    The other solution might be to fire her and see if you get another nanny when you call up to hire one again - not ALL the nannies are useless.

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    Those Nanny's are very finicky.

    If I use a Nanny (which is hardly never), I just use the maxMotives cheat until the parent comes home, then the toddler is fine all day.

    I actually don't even play the toddlers, I have them go from toy to toy ( and using the cheat) by the end of the three days the toddler has all of their Charisma, Logic and Creativity maxed.

  • 4 years ago

    properly all of it is probable happening because of the fact they arent in a stable temper. they could be too tried ect. To make their temper extra ideal, hit administration+shift+c (all on the comparable time) and somewhat container ought to take place on the right. form in this maxmotives and then their temper, well-being ect. would be crammed.

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    fire her and then rehire a new nanny there are bad nannies in this world i lost my twins because of a bad nanny.

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  • 1 decade ago

    fired her wait 1 month and bring her back again, repeat till necesary.

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