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do you think this person is being hypercritical?

theres this lady who lives across my street (and knows my mum) and all she does is come over my house and have a little whinge

about her kids. and i walked passed her because she was leaning at the wall and i said um and then she moved and my mum said " you forgot to say excuse me" then i said sorry. andthen the lady stared at me and said see i teach my kids great manners (and before she was complaining about her kids) then she said if you dont aint got anythin nice to say shut the f*** up! and to me she's so hypercritical then i said "but you just said something that wasn't nice" and she stormed out of my house really cranky!


im sorry i meant hypocritical and if you dont know what iam talking please dont answer my question

Update 2:

well i told my mum about that a couple of minutes ago and my mum said " just leave her alone her past has been pretty bad, and she's in a middle of harsh times" so i said okay my mum said she'll talk to that lady (my mum better!)

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    yes, she is! Sounds kind of annoying too.

  • Sounds like this woman's got some serious etiquette problems. You don't come over to someone else's house and criticize how they're raising their children, and you certainly don't throw words like the "F" word around in another person's home. Your mother should have kicked her out instead of letting her waltz out as if she did nothing wrong! I really believe that you're right - this woman screams hypocritical.

    If you want my opinion, I think you should talk your mom into cutting this woman's visits to a minimum, even if she is your mom's friend. She obviously has no respect for others' homes and obviously does not know how to act when in them.

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    She's a ***** - not hypercritical. If your mom didn't say anything to defend you at that point I'd be real pissed. If it happened like you said. I'm not a kid or teen - I'm a mom in my 40's and I wouldn't accept someone talking to my kid that way, except me of course, lol.

    Someone said use smaller words? Someone else needs to brush up on her education, not you. And hypocritical is not the correct word as someone said.l Hypo means under or lower. Hyper is correct.

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    Your mom would probably tell you that are supposed to be respectful of your elders, but I always told my daughter that people have to earn respect and just because someone is older than you or even in a postion of authority like a teacher does not mean they always deserve respect. I don't mean that you should be rude to anyone, but you do not have to go out of your way to be nice either. If she is rude or disrepectful to you first, you have every right to respond the same way, but probably best to say nothing to keep yourself our of trouble with mom.

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    She souinds like a b***h but you should have said excuse me as you passed the bigger person and let this go.But your mom should have stepped in when she swore at you.You don't talk like that in someone else's house.She owes you and your mom an apology for that.

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    I believe you mean "hypocritical" and if she's rude, stay out of her way. Adults don't like "kids" dissing them, it's a slippery slope, but you don't owe her anything. Just be super nice and maybe she'll figure it out on her own :)

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    maybe you should let people like that dordal in circles with their life by themselves

    dont let it bother you :P

  • haha, wow yeah totally. Why do you have her over?

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    hell ya she was, I think she was drunk, what a douche-bag

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