ESPN and USA Today poll going to rank Arizona in top 10?

It is very clear that the coaches poll and ESPN are obsessed with all things Pac-10 (I am convinced the Pac-10 pays off the right people at ESPN).

You guys think that Arizona will be moved into the top 25 just to justify Oregon's loss and to show that they weren't really overrated?

Also, who is the next bandwagon team, Kansas (I can already hear Lou Holtz' speech tomorrow)?

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  • LSU
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    1 decade ago
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    I agree completely. Almost EVERYONE at ESPN made it obvious they were rooting for Oregon. I may be biased as an LSU fan, but personally I thought Oregon wasn't even a top 5 team (I thought it should have been LSU, Oklahoma, Mizz, WV, Kansas, GA, Oregon).

    At 5-6 Arizona won't be moved up in the polls, but you better believe the "Dixon was injured" talk will begin tomorrow- sad that the strength of the entire team rest on the hands of one player.

    Hey Oregon, enjoy the Holiday bowl!

  • 4 years ago

    ideal now each and every of the communities are 0-0. the only pollthat counts after the BCS championship bowl is performed. honestly, Michigan might fare ok this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. First, they have not have been given any severe profile participant that gets interest which places them under no rigidity to do something envisioned with the aid of the media. The media would not understand squat related to the communities makeup and have not have been given any crystal ball to foretell something. An occasion, 2006 fool Lee Corso of ESPN reported no one ought to beat Brady Quinn and Notre Dame that 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. Michigan rolled into South Bend, killed the holy crap out out of that punk, and flopped no. 2 rankedND on its keezer, forty seven-21. with the aid of the conflict, Corso exchange into the instructor of Indiana who exchange into taking smelling salts after Anthony Carter scored the prevailing landing on a forty seven backyard landing bypass without time final beating them, best play in Michigan historic previous, AC exchange into 3 time All American and particularly some say he, no longer Desmond Howard or Braylon Edwards exchange into best receiver in Michigan historic previous and rated as in right 50 of best college soccer gamers. 2006, Michigan had the best dashing protection interior the country, 4 right NFL draft possibilities from the protection, have been 11-0 ranked no. 2 whilst they met Ohio State misplaced the video games reason for terrible calls and a depressing enjoying floor scaling down Michigans velocity. Michigan has an excellent protection this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, and particularly some youthful expertise to gel with first 2 difficulty-free fighters, an puffed up massive Ten convention which incorporates Ohio State who performs no one stable win they win, and Terrell Pryor is not any assure he would be super. in reality, Michigan no longer getting him could be stable for the Blue because of the fact the attention of Michigan isn't commonly used around him.

  • It is sad that their offense was entirely Dixon, but look at LSU. We had an injured Flynn and Ducet and our offense wasn't doing barely anything. Ducet seems to bring us to whole different level, so I don't blame Oregon for losing their offense in one player.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If they were in the SEC, they would leap-frog Kansas right to #2.

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  • mrkeef
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    1 decade ago

    they are NOT going to be ranked next week. Neither was Standford after they beat USC......

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