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Is it bad on a date to ask a girl if you can kiss her?

I know i dont have to ask a girl to kiss her. I was going out with a very shy girl and i could not get her passed her comfort boundries at all. we had hung out once for a bout 5 hours and then we went out on a date went bowling for a few hours had dinner and talked in the end it was about 5 hour long date. she never showed many signs of being totaly comfortable she still seemed very shy around me. She would not hold eye contact for long and also stay close to me but never close enough to touch eachother. I never felt comfortable yet to grab her hand or anything. the next date we for fun went to a driving range and i taught her how to swing. I kinda broke open her comfort by showing her how to swing by holding her and going through the motions. After that we went on a walk and she stayed close but never held hands when we sat down she kept a little distance then i asked her if i could kiss her. her response to it was her insecure response to everything i dont know.


she looked uncomfortable and was not looking at me so i asked her again and she just shook her head. then we got up and walked after that i apologized for making her uncomforable. then we went to see a movie. nothing intamite happend their. after that date i did not see her for a while she went back home from college to visit her parents. after two weeks of not seeing her one of her friends called me and told me she was missing me so i left her a message telling her i missed her too. after that she denied knowing anything about her friend calling me and was weirded out about it. after that i asked her out again and she dodged it by saying she cant because she is expecting to see a friend that never showed. then she stoped responding my calls and emails then we lost connection. Did i make her too uncomfortable? should i have just kissed her? if i did just kiss her wouldnt she have been just ask uncomfortable if not more and would it have made any difference in the way it turned out?

Update 2:

did i force it to much or what happend. was it something i did that ruined it was it just her and she is just not ready and comfortable for a relationship? do you think it was something i did or do you think i had no control of it and she was just not ready to overcome her shyness?

Update 3:

i have not seen her for a month so it obviously over i am just wondering if i did something wrong or she was just not ready?

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    um dude,never ask a girl to kiss u,u go 90% and she finishes the 10% duh!,but if she's shy,u gotta do the moves 1st,and you gotta get her on another date then go 4 it bro!

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    i personally think its a turn off when a guy asks if he can kiss me, id rather be suprised. but since she seems soo shy( maybe its good its over, she seems like really crazy shy, for someone whos in college?!?) id say you should have tried to hold hands first and see how she responded to that. most girls are nowhere near that uncomfortable around guys, trust me. so you probably wont have to worry about that again. next time just go for it.

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    yeah. pretttyy much.

    it kind of shows that your impatient & thats like your "goal" for the night and that your not realllyy paying attention to her.

    if she wants a kiss you'll get one.


    be chill

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    Yes, you nub.

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