I have homeschooled my son through Kindergarten and part of 1st grade because of a health condition. Now he?

is ready to start going to school and I am having anxiety about it. I want nothing more than for him to make lots of friends because he is really outgoing and LOVES other kids, but I get scared thinking he might not be accepted by the kids that have already been there. Is there any tips I can give him to help him to fit in? Do kids like the new kid? I remember when I was little the new kid was great in elementary, but in highschool, it was competition for the girls if another girl enrolled...lol. I just want him to be happy....even though I am worried sick.

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    If he's outgoing, he will be fine...provided you make a huge effort not to put your own insecurities onto him. You need to say nothing about your concerns - if you need to go home and howl afterwards, then that's fine, but when you drop him off you need to have a big smile and tell him what a great day he's going to have. Your highschool experience has nothing to do with it, push it down and keep it to yourself right now.

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    The new kid is not a target for elementary kids, they will more be curious. Give your son a few phrases he can say when kids ask questions about homeschooling or his past health difficulties. I would also solidify his new found friendships by asking every day who he plays with at recess. The name that comes up the most is the one to invite over for a play date. Another alternative to helping him fit in is to find out what most of the boys are involved in after school (here it's hockey) and if it's possible, sign him up! Good luck to you and your son, don't be too anxious, kids are so resiliant!

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    I think you should see what he would like to do. I had went to many different schools when I was young and being the new kid was never a problem. I always quickly made friends, so I dont think that should be a problem.

    If he isent accepted, you can simply pull him from school and continue home schooling.

    They have many different home schooling programs. Such as all the home schooled children in the area get to gether and do things. Like field trips. I suggest you look into it. I think your son whouldnt have a problem playing with friends.

    Hope this helped

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    Big difference between high school and 1st grade i mean Teenagers and little kids. Huge difference. If he sticks with this school he should be fine by the time hes in high school. Doesn't sound like he should have any problems unless hes some kind of weird creep kid, but i doubt that at that age.

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    Make an appt with the dep. of training for finding out, yet do prepare tests first so he's delicate. The primary prolly would not accept as true with homeschooling and is going to furnish you a perplexing time no count what the tests outcomes have been.

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    Usually in elementary school all of the other kids are interested in getting to know the "new kid" so I'm sure he will be just fine. I know it must be nerve racking having him go to public school for the first time, but try and not worry so much.

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    Why not continue homeschooling? There are lots of homeschooling groups out there. Sometimes we are barely home during the week, with all our activities.

    That's part of the reason I love homeschooling. you get to meet the people who are raising your child's friends. Its not just a group of random kids with nothing in common but their ages thrown together with a stranger to corral them 6+ hours a day!

    Check out Yahoo Groups for some awesome ways to conect with other homeschoolers. Public school has its place, but its not necessary for developing friendships.

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    I don't think kids really do alot of singling out of other kids just because they're new at that age. Just be supportive of him, maybe check with his teacher periodically to make sure that he is making friends and talk to your son about it. Encourage him to continue to be outgoing and have fun! Good luck!

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    This is 1st grade. Why are you comparing high school issues to what he may face?

    It's natural to worry but if he wants to go to regular school and his health is up to it, let him go. Don't put your worries and fears onto a little kid. You are raising him to learn to face challenges, and every age has its own. How else is he going to grow emotionally? It takes a village.

    Source(s): Raised 4, one with disabilities; all did public school, all are fine.
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    lol If you really want to ensure that he fits in you can buy him the latest little toy the boys are interested in.

    In my day it was those Beast Transformer dolls (or something?). When a kid brought one into school everyone crowded around him and wanted to play with him.

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