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What does the Bible say about worshiping in two different churches?

my church is excellent but its huge. i cant build relationships there. but i REALLY walk away feeling the message very well.

I want to also go to a smaller one where i can build those personal relationships. would this be okay?

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    I don't think there is anything wrong with it. Just let God guide you to the right one for you.

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    It says nothing about it, as long as you aren't worshipping in different religions (can't serve God and Zeus at the same time.)

    In fact, in the Bible, there were not many different churches. The Christian community in a close proximity would gather together in a more communal way than we do today. Notice, in the Epistles (letters that make up the bulk of the New Testament), they begin with a salutation like "To the church at Corinth" or some other area. This was before the Catholic/Protestant believers. They were just believers who accepted Christ. Typically, they would gather at the Temple early on, then when Christians began to be persecuted they gathered primarily in homes.

    So the Bible doesn't really address this issue directly, and I don't think it's really "wrong."

    I think there is a downside, though. The three main purposes of the church is to spread the Word of God to unbelievers, to teach members in order to grow in their faith, and to provide fellowship and encouragement. If you are a kind of "half-member" at two different churches, that can seriously hinder the fellowship.

    If it were me and that's the only reason you want to look into duel membership, I would first try to find a sort of small group within the big one. Join a weekday (or weeknight) Bible study or prayer group, a small Sunday School class, or find a ministry you could participate.

    If you just want to move to a smaller church for the closer relationships, don't feel bad about it. There's no Biblical statement about it.

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    Sure. As long as the teachings and beliefs are the same or about the same. It would be the best scenario if both Church's were of the same denomination. Some church denominations might teach that salvation comes by doing good works (wrong) and some may teach that salvation is by the grace of God through faith---faith in Jesus and what He did to procure our salvation.(right) Some may feel that the bread and wine used in communion is symbolic and some will teach that it's actual.These are a couple of differences that could come about. It would be best to find a church is of the same denomination, Or, join a group/s in your present church and get involved in that group. Many Church's have Bible studies, couples clubs, singles clubs, R&R groups etc. ete. You'd be with people that you have things in common with and maybe make some new friends. It might not be a bad idea to look into such a possibility.

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    I'm not a preacher or student of the bible; however i was raised from age 10 in a Christian home. about 30 years after my father got saved and became a southern Baptist, he felt a different calling and started going to a Pentecostal church; when people in the Baptist church found out, they started questioning my fathers faith, and within a few weeks they wanted to know where he stood(mostly which church was he going to attend). my father decided to quit attending both and just go to one; he dropped the Baptist. now I don't know whether the two Church's your attending are the same domination or what,because unless you have two homes(one permanent and the other a vacation home like a 100 miles from the other) most people won't understand why your attending two different Church's.I guess my other best answer would be..Go to the church that impacts you the most,and where you feel welcome..REALLY feel welcome..and REALLY touches you inside with the word of God. good luck..R.C.

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    The bible doesn't say anything about worshiping in more than one church...all it says is "where 2 or more are gathered in His name, He is there" God wants you to be happy and so I think you should trust your instincts, everything happens for a reason. It could be that God wants you to attend the smaller church because he wants you to build those personal relationships. I think it would be great. Go spread the word about God's love.

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    I think it is totally fine for you to do this!! I mean if you are not getting out of it what you want you can always go....(the bible doesn't require you to only go to one church)

    My personal opinion though is that What you need to be focused more on is your personal relationship with God And Jesus! If you get to focused on people you may lose sight of The real purpose, and not worship as well....Just make sure you find another church that feeds you as well as the one you are currently attending....Or maybe start your own connection group at your church...don't they do pot lucks or any social event at all???

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    I know what you mean, I have been to a church called, "The Fellowship of the Woodlands", and while very inspirational, it hardly lived up to providing a sense of fellowship. Way too big.

    As long as the church you "try out" fits the doctrine you are most comfortable with, then of course you can share time. I think it should be encouraged ... to get a fresh approach to the most important messages in life.

    You will know within minutes if it feels right.

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    There is absolutely no reason to feel compelled to worship in one particular church instead of another, and there is nothing in the Bible prohibiting you from attending church where you see fit. If you feel more comfortable attending a smaller church, then that is what you should do.

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    I feel just the opposite. When you go to church's supposed to be about praying to God....not fellowshipping with the person in the next pew. I'm sure they have smaller church groups within the church you go to. Why don't you join some of them? Small churches can get to be "cult'like....maybe that's not the word....they get their little "clicks"...and gossip about others. That's just how I feel. I'll probably get thumbs down for this.

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    Yes it is ok. It says nothiing in the Bible about worshipping in two churches. It just would be best to find a church that you would like instead of a big church with lots of people.

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    No problem there. But doesn't that church have smaller house groups? I don't think one can make much progress in discipling in the once a week Sunday service.

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