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what will the animal shelter do for this cat?

this summer patty this very nice cat was left outisde by his owners. lastnight i took him in cuz his paw looks hurt they thought the cat would run away but he didnt it is so sad i want to bring him to an animal shelter because i already have a cat that i have had for almost 12 years now and they dont get along WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IS IF I BRING HIM TO AN ANIMAL SHELTER IF HIS PAW IS HURT WILL THEY FIX IT AND ALSO WILL THEY FIND HIM A HOME I WOULD HATE FOR HIM TO BE PUT TO SLEEP ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT HE IS SO SWEET AND NEEDS LOVE AND CARE THANKS

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    Since you mention that you already have a cat, take the new cat to your current vet to have the paw issue taken care of. Your vet also might be able to find a good home for the cat at the same time.


    In response to Bozema, a good vet will be willing to help place a homeless animal for free or even house the animal at their office or home. Some may even give you a discount for the treatment. If your vet is only out to make money and not to truly help animals in need, you ought to find a new vet who really cares for the animals that are under their care. They will do a much better job than money grabbers.

    Source(s): Have 3 cats at home and people just keep dropping off more by my house...
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    That's going to depend on the shelter - their financial resources and how much they can do for the cat.

    Since you have a relationship with a vet and hopefully can take on the expense of having the cat looked at - that would be a good place to start. The vet may have some suggestions for you as to where to go from there.

    You also might be surprised on the "don't get along" issue. Your cat is reacting normally to any strange feline - many will make a happy adjustment finally if you have the patience to work with them.

    So you have a few options here. I think your vet is the place to start, listen to his advice, talk to the people at your local humane society, etc. and just take it one step at a time. If the paw can be fixed start to canvas friends and co-workers and see if you can place the cat that way.

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    Why are you thinking about taking someone elses cat to possibly be put to sleep at an animal shelter? You said he has "owners" - go to the owners and tell them their cat is hurt. What do you mean they thought he would run away? Usually animals that are sick or injured are put to sleep at shelters, there are too many healthy ones that need homes. Also, if you're thinking about keeping him - it takes a while for cats to get along. He could get along just fine with your existing cat after a couple weeks.

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    It depends from which shelter you plan on adopting a cat. At the SPCA (or ASPCA, or RSPCA, I don't know where you live) the fee for a male cat is 80$ and for a female it's 100$, and for kittens, it's 150$. Some shelters give them for free, or for only 40$ no matter their sex/age. Check up on Google to see the fee of the shelters in your region! And thanks for saving a cat.

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    First take him to a vet. Then, do an online search for an animal shelter that comforts animals and does not put them to sleep. Go check it out and see if it is right for that cat. I've done it in the same situation.

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    It depends on the kind of shelter it is. County animal shelters that have to accept all animals that come in may euthanize a cat after a waiting period if the shelter is overcrowded and the animal has an injury that is difficult to treat and the cat does not stand a good chance of adoption.

    If it is a private shelter like a humane society where they can select animals and do not euthanize unless an animal has behavioral problems or is terminally ill, Patty stands a decent chance of adoption.

    I'd call them and ask what they think will happen. If the cat is likely to be euthanized, you may have to adopt it yourself and then try and find a new home for it on your own or a placement for it in a private shelter.

    Oh and vets don't work for free and aren't in the business of placing animals in homes. If you take the cat to the vet, expect to pay for treatment and find a home for the cat yourself. It's not their job.

    Source(s): I work with a humane society.
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    He will most likely be put to sleep. 80% of cats (healthy ones) are put to sleep that are taken to shelters...if he requires medical attention they will probably just put him down....unless a worker from the shelter steps in...

    Even if you try to take him to a no-kill they will most likely turn him away...I guess you could try.

    I worked at a shelter....cats would come in all the time...mangeld...hit by a car...they would let them stay that way for about a week or so....with no medical attention...to see if it was claimed...then they put them to sleep....

    Horrible last few days for any animal.....maybe you could get him fixed up then try to find a home for him...

    Source(s): Worked at local shelter
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    Animal shelter are pelted in cats because people don't spay and neuter.

    My suggestion: Also contact a few petsmart stores they have cat rescues associated with them. Offer to get the cat well and ask if they will take the kitty into their rescue program.

    You can also find the rescues for cats in your area by going to petfinder.com and putting in your zip or 1800saveapet.com and doing likewise.

    Best of luck to you, and thank you for caring.

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    Unless you can provide a good solid history, the chances of him getting adopted are slim. They may take the time to fix his foot, but there are many other animals with a secure history that can get placed faster and easier.

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    Can you try to find a home for it your self or do they not get along enough to do that? some thing you can check into is if it is a no kill shelter or if it is. personally i would try to find it a home first.

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