is it appropiate?

i'd like to get my bf a PDA. I know he wants one. The one i want to buy it is for 199 but i can get in thru ebay for 120. the thing is, i don't know if its appropiate. we're going out for 3 months so i don't want him to think i'm trying to buy his love or something. but i want him to be happy. what do u think?

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    1 decade ago
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    I think it sounds like a good gift. He wants one, and you can get it for him, so go for it. I don't think he'll feel like you're trying to buy his love, I think he'll like that you've been paying attention to what he's said he wants and likes.

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    You DO NOT want to get them the PDA. Yes you have the best interest at heart. Unfortunately, with love it doesn't matter. They might not think you are buying their love (but they might) The worse part is that it raises the bar for present giving and makes it much harder in the future to get something small (yet meaningful). I will say that getting a man an expensive gift will probably go over better than getting the girl the expensive gift.

    Source(s): I actually did this...and I'm single now ;-)
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    Gifts show you care, but ones that exspensive could scream desperate or too clingy because, like you said, he could take it as buying his lvoe...

    oorrrr...thinking you're too serious about it already. Just 3 months? Like you're getting ahead of yourself.

    You know when you just met someone and they buy you this GREAT gift, and you got them something little, but hten got your best friend something wonderful and you feel awkard?

    Something like could occur. It depends on how serious he is.

    I'd try for something cheaper, but still thoughtful for now. But, your money. And your life.

    PS: In HS, an ex tried that with me, and I had to stay with him months longer than I wanted because I was guilted into sticking aroudn bc of an expensive gift he gave me really early into the relationship...I think...two months in?

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    A card is all he needs not some high price toy.

    Its just been 3 months not 3 years.

    Its the thought that counts and what you write in the card.

    If he really loves you that will be all he needs.

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  • Luna
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    1 decade ago

    A gift will show that you pay attention to him and that you care, so go for it!

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    1 decade ago

    i think a pda is too expenisve...not the right choice

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