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have to write a paper about utilitarianism. How should I organize the paper? It has to be 3-5 pages?

i have to explain how mill would respond to the following alleged counter example to his formulation to utilitarianism i have to make sure i describe his theory in enough detail to make it clear what would justify his response then ihave to construct an example of my own that i believe really is a counter example to mills theory this is the scenerio, if i steal the groceries that were delivered to my neighbors porch and give them to my brother and sister i will make two ppl happy but i will only make one person (my neighboe who lives alone) unhappy therefore i ought to steal the groceries and give them to my brother and sister

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    I just did a moral argument paper.. lol.. check out my paper

    anyways.. this was the format I followed....

    -Intro with thesis statement

    -Paragraph identifying the moral theory

    -Paragraph stating argumentative facts that support theory

    -Conclusion that summarizes the argument

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    Utilitarianism Paper

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    Utilitarianism is all based on what's good for the whole. I think Economics is largely based on it.

    They look at things based on Marginal cost=Marginal benefit. If the costs outweigh the benefits then it is not worthwhile. If the benefits outweigh costs then go for it.

    If you steal the groceries then the benefit is with you. More people benefit from you stealing them rather than having one person have them. It sounds extreme but utilitarian beliefs are sometimes considered outrageous.

    Just pose it as if the four of you were a society. Society is better off by stealing the groceries.

    That's the best I've got.

    Addition:: If this is a hardcore philosophy class NEVER say I think, I believe, or I feel. It's not about that. It's about rationalizing something through language.

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