I Need Help With Windows XP Please Come In Side And Read.?

Ok thanks.... Im trying to get my welcome screen back but its not letting me it kepts saying.... "Client services for NetWare has disabled the welcome screen and fast switching. To Restore these features, You must uninstall client services for NetWare." ...... how do i do that?

Please be very good at explaining it im not so good at these things. lol

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    The "Client services for NetWare" is actually an optional networking component which is installed in your Internet / network connection.

    To un-install it (please read note below before un-installing):

    Open Control Panel

    Open Network Connections

    Open you Lan or High speed connection

    In the status window of you connection, click on the "Properties" Button

    In the properties window, you should see "Client services for NetWare" -- Click on it to highlight it.

    Then click on the "Un-install" button.

    You will be asked if you are sure you want to remove the component -- Click on "Yes"

    NOTE: If the "Client services for NetWare" is NOT an necessary component, you should see no ill effects from un-installing it. If it is REQUIRED, you may discover that some of your networking services / capabilities no longer function. Without knowing more about you particular setup, I can not say which is the case. In most cases, that service is not required for stand-alone computers.

    Hope this helps.

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    When you attempt to access the User Accounts tool to enable the Welcome Screen or Fast User Switching, you may receive the following message:

    Client Service for Netware has disabled the Welcome Screen and Fast User Switching. To restore these features, you must uninstall Client Service for Netware.

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    The Client Service for Netware and the Novell Client are incompatible with the Welcome Screen and Fast User Switching.

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    To resolve this issue, follow these steps. NOTE: If you depend on accessing a Novell network and need the Client Service for Netware or the Novell Client, you cannot use the Welcome Screen or the Fast User Switching features of Windows XP. 1. If you are using the Novell Client, see the following the Novell support Web site for instructions about how to uninstall the service:

    http://support.novell.com/ ( http://support.novell.com/)

    2. If you are using Classic view in Control Panel, double-click Network Connections. If you are using Category view, click Network and Internet Connections, and then click Network Connections.

    3. Right-click each connection that you have, and then click Properties each time.

    4. On the General tab of each Local Area connection, highlight Client Service for Netware, and then click Uninstall.

    5. In the Dial-up Connection Properties dialog box, click the Networking tab, highlight Client Service for Netware, and then click Uninstall.

    6. Restart the computer.

    7. Open Control Panel, and then double-click User Accounts.

    8. Under Pick a task..., click Change the way users log on or off.

    9. Click to select the logon and logoff options that you want: Use the Welcome Screen or Use Fast User Switching.

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    For additional information about Fast User Switching, click the article numbers below to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    294737 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/294737/EN-US/) Architecture of Fast User Switching

    The third-party products that are discussed in this article are manufactured by companies that are independent of Microsoft. Microsoft makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding the performance or reliability of these products.

    Microsoft provides third-party contact information to help you find technical support. This contact information may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this third-party contact information.

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    click on start >control panel

    if the control panel is has a blue background on the top left side it should say classic view

    click classic view

    then click add/remove programs

    scroll through this untill netware comes up and click and remove it

    also uninstall all the programs u do not need but make sure u do not need them

    some of these programs r NEEDED for xp to run

    so i guess simple rule o thumb-- if u instaled the program a few months ago and dont use it any more delete it

    this will free up space n make your puter a tad bit faster

    another thing u can do to speed up ur pc is click start run msconfig

    and on the RIGHT TAB uncheck everything that is a program that you are familair with but is not needed on start up only if u dont know what it is leave it running but again if u instaled the program and if the program is not an anti virus program odds r u do not need it @ start up

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    hi friend,

    you just do the following things

    go to control panel -->> then user accounts-->>

    change the way user log in and log off change the settings that you want . i.e their are two check boxes if they are disabled ,check the user fast switching first and after use welcome screen

    that's all ..........

    and for Client services for NetWare

    remove the tcp/ip settings from control panel--->network connections then right click on local area connection-->properties ----->if there is Client services for NetWare

    disabled it

    then restart your PC.

    & see your welcome screen




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    Go to you control panel. Click on Add Remove Programs. Find NetWare and remove.

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    go to network connections, then right click local area connection and choose status...under General tab, click properties--another tab will pop up, the local area connection properties.

    look for what your connection is using..

    there are the following..client for microsoft networks, file and printer sharing for microsoft networks, so on and so forth... when you see the Client Services for NetWare, highlight it then click the uninstall button. then ok.

    if that wont work, ask me again.

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    Try this:


    You have to DISABLE your client services, see if that helps.

    Right click on Novelle, go to properties, it will most likely be under "ADVANCED"


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    In short, you uninstalled your program

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