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Why I think both WWE and TNA suck: What are your opinions on my comments?

I think both WWE and TNA suck (at least at the moment) WWE sucks because of lame storylines like Hornswoggle McMahon, lame *** champions like the Not So Great Khali, Batista, etc. (Punk is the only really good champ). TNA sucks because of overbooking, Vince Russo, and the fact that they've booked way too many Angle vs. Joe matches (good matches, but they should be spread out more, too many in such a short timeframe). That's the main reason I stopped watching the mainstream wrestling promotions (at least on a regular basis). Plus another thing that pisses me off is ******* pussy *** fanboys on Youtube such as Bill and Doug saying that TNA is the best, yet they still have flaws, but won't point out the flaws, or the reasons why it is the best. Don't get me wrong, WWE fanboys are no ******* better IMO. I'm not a WWE Mark, or a TNA Mark, I'm a WRESTLING MARK, so there...

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    I don't watch indy promotions because they are difficult for me to access. The shows I watch are





    The "mainstream" stuff.

    WWE: What you say about WWE is true. I'm sick of seeing meathead roid freaks as champions i.e. Batista. I'm sick of these giant men trying to wrestle like Khali. As I always say, he is as limber as an oak tree. If they got rid of all their giant men with exception to Kane and Taker, I'd be more than satisfied. I'd keep Lashley over Batista because Batista is a prick, but that is a personal bias. Scrap them both, please. The storylines are very, uh, out of left field. The illegitimate son was an awesome (though unlikely) storyline up until they turned it into a joke. Now, it is mildly entertaining at best. I'm not the biggest fan of it. Another thing about WWE is their legnthy title reigns. I've heard Vince doesn't like title changes. I'd enjoy it more if even the mid card titles changed more often and the WWE/WHW title were long... More title changes would be nice. I don't like gimmicky characters unless they are realistic. Boogeyman, terrible gimmick. Though it is entertaining at times. That is beside the point. I have much more criticism for TNA, and here it comes...

    TNA: Much worse than WWE, IMHO. So many flaws, so little time. First, I'd like to touch base on the FANBOYS. By God, they are the WORST! Bill and Doug specifically say "we're not biased". LIE OF THE CENTURY BAH GAWD! Sickens me, really does. That's not TNA's fault though... Here's what TNA needs to fix. BOOKING is dreadful. The credibility of their PPV title matches is crap. They try to build up one feud by having the "feuders" wrestling with people totally unrelated to the situation. TNA puts on some great matches, no doubt about it. But these matches do not fit into their storylines at all most of the time. It's incredibly difficult to hold my interest. INTERFERENCE/INTERRUPTIONS piss me off to hell! They are so LAME. Again, it makes it difficult for me to hold interest. I've been watching TNA for over a year now, and just this last month I figured out who's feuding with who and who the faces and heels are. I swear to God, I couldn't even tell who was good and who was bad! Their gimmick matches are hard to comprehend. They need to go. TALENT. Alright. This is my major beef with TNA. Yes, their talent is more recognized than most of WWE's. With the names in TNA, it seems a lot to me like early 2000 over there. Don't get me wrong, that was a great time in wrestling. But now, those guys are almost 10 years older. It's time to move on. Stop pushing these over the hill ex-wwe'ers and show off some of the new guys, namely your x division.

    Here's the ratings for each company in my opinion.


    Matches: 7 /// Their matches can be a bit repetitive and generic. When they need to come through for big main events, though, whether it be on basic cable or PPV, they can pull through.

    Storylines: 7.5 /// They make huge risks with some of their storylines (Illegitimate son, Dead Vince, etc.). But as they say, with risk comes reward. The uniqueness of some of their storylines are amazing and highly interesting (MVP/Hardy, etc). Props to WWE for taking chances

    Booking: 8 /// I give their booking a solid 8 simply because they have experience and they know how to book shows. They do have slip ups, yes. This past RAW, they had the WHW champ and the #1 contender squash the tag champs, burying the tag division and making it look unimportant. Not a smart move.... There were better choices. Also, the whole "shoving wrestlers down our throat" thing is BS. But for the most part, they're OK on their booking.

    Talent: 5.5 /// They're losing talent because of many things... Heavy schedule, wellness policy, etc... Right now they need vets and they need to bring up some new talent and market them so they're somewhat interesting... They need to pick up the pace.


    Matches: 8.5 /// Matches are great. Plain and simple.

    Storylines: 7 /// They don't really emphasize much on storylines. But I have to admit, the Roode/Brooks thing is interesting to say the least. LAX mystery person is good too, even though someone already spoiled that for me >_> (I hate spoilers)

    Booking: 3.5 /// Booking is awful. See above, I've already covered this ^^^^

    Talent:7.5 /// Big names. They have a lot of big names. Guys that made names for themselves in the NINETYS. Guys that are 40 freakin years old, shoved down our throats. Some still great talents, some should hang up the boots forever, and some getting realllllllllllly close. Angle and Christian, they're fine. I like them. No problem. I don't even mind the "Total Nonstop Angle" thing. It's still entertaining to me. Guys like Dustin Rhodes and Nash and Hall... Please stop wrestling!!! And people like team 3d are getting close to that point where I just want them to GO AWAY. That's why the BOOKERS should put more emphasis on the x division now so they have more credibility for when you need them to steal the show from these old men. Lol

    Source(s): And that's my two cents. All my personal opinion, hope you share the same feelings. I am not biased in any way, shape, or form. I am not a TNA fan. I am not a WWE fan. I am a wrestling fan. I hope you take the time to read all that because I spent about an hour typing it up. Lol :) PS, iMPACT seems like it's becoming more of a WWE brand than an actual seperate company. I really don't see them lasting long in the direction they're headed.
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    While you do have a point, you need to know...

    -Vince Russo is no longer the head of TNA's booking. He possibly has a high position with it, but he is not the main booker. Sometimes people give him too much "credit" and "acknowledgment".

    -Angle vs. Joe took a bad turn once all of the titles were held by them exclusively. That rivalry went from alright to horrible.

    -Bill and Doug are (right now) rumored to be getting paid by TNA (in merchandise) to advertise them. However, I believe this is a load of crap. Despite this, they are very biased. They said, "You should watch TNA and look at the positives," but they look at the negatives of WWE all the time.

    There's a lot of reasons both WWE and TNA suck, but I will not goo too in-depth. You already have a good idea.


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    WWE of course! I liked TNA at one point but then it just started to get boring so I just simply stopped watching it. They tried to spice things up by bringing Hulk Hogan soon after I stopped watching it so I watched 1 or 2 episodes just to see Hulk Hogan, WAS one of my favorites wrestlers. But to me..WWE is more entertaining and fun to watch and I love the wrestlers. TNA has to step it up. I'm not to fan of the diva's but I do think TNA divas are more hard-core. I do think TNA looks more fake than WWE and not close to as entertaining. I tune in every Monday for WWE. I'll be a fan forever. I ♥ Triple H ;)

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    wwe has that big nose wrestler who took over the show and never gets whipped cept a couple times a year. they should send him to tna. the rest never has a chance because of him. tna has a bunch of people who is trying to make a show out of nothing and give it time they will have all the good ones on there and over come wwe. and let ole big nose fight his own shadow.

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    wwe rule tna suck

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    if u have quit watching it then whats the point of talking

    move on bro

    start finding something more interesting

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    How about WCW!!! WCW was the best, but i do like TNA instead of WWE.

    WWE Sucks. TNA's great, but WCW was the best.

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    WWE is kinda lame now, i guess ur partial right, TNA idk what's that??, just forget the story line and see jeff hardy and rey's matches, is fun to watch, if u don't like it then don't see it

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    I suggest you find a new hobby!

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    to each their own. not going to agree or disagree with you.

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