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did anyone see Grey's Anatomy tonight?11/15/07?

I didn't have time to watch Grey's Anatomy tonight so i checked the web but it wasn't on there eaither. HELP!!!!!

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    you can watch it for free at episode recap at

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    i'm completely addicted to gray's Anatomy. My best chum IS Meredith gray! She dated a warm dr final 3 hundred and sixty 5 days and then found out he exchange into married. Now she doinks all of us she meets and only final week have been given a activity that makes her holiday so she would be in a position to stop! She even sounds like Meredith! What the hell is gay'S Anatomy

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    Well, tonights episode was called "FOREVER YOUNG"

    McDreamy went out on a date with some girl besides Meredith, but she's ok with that, (somewhat)

    Meredith's father came in drunk and Meredith saw him in the E.R. and then she becomes aware he's an alcoholic.

    Izzie's relationship with George doesnt get any better! =(

    and even though you may not care, the medical emergencies were a kid who got a pencil stuck in his eyeball, and during surgery, he dies and Izzie tells his girlfriend that she knows her pain, since she "got pregnant when she was 16 and then no moms would let her sons go near them"

    and then Dr.Bailey's old time friend comes into the E.R.

    Marcus King comes in, and it seems as if they have a fling, when he says to her "You have always been my angel, i wouldn't have made it throughout this day w/out you."

    and then he takes her for granted to "do some papers?"

    oh yeah and she is Chief RESIDENT.

    hope that answered you're questions, not too informative, but sorry. :(

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    The hanger from last week was callie getting fired. She is no longer chief resident, but she is still a resident. Some people thought she was fired fired and gone from the show.

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    Give it time to upload. Just keep checking back at the link. It should be up, if it isn't, in a few hours.

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    u can find a synopsis on: OR

    but if u for some reason can't find it there:

    ok, so there's a lot of stuff, so i'll do it as bullet points.

    *cristina sucks up to dr. hahn and is told off for being a brownoser.

    *meredith and lexi's dad comes to hospital drunk, lexi yells at meredith, when meredith tells her to take more responsibility for their dad.

    *derek goes on a date with sydney (LOL) and later its implied that he might get together with this OR nurse named rose i think.

    *izzie and george want their best friend back (aka they can't talk to each other as significant others, so they are thinking about being just friends again

    *a high school bus crashes, and the drs. have to treat high school kids, and its shown how the hospital is like high school (with cliques, gossip...) something the OR nurse derek might get with says actually

    *bailey treats her high school crush marcus king (who was the high school bus driver). she flirts with him, is told off by dr. hahn. he has minor injuries, then something more serious happens, and he has to have surgery. he kinda takes bailey for granted, and she then needs someone to yell at it about (she can't yell at him, although normally bailey can yell at anyone, b/c its her crush). she yells at derek, and ends up breaking down and cries about how marcus king never saw her as more than her tutor, never asked her to homecoming... derek says that he would have been honored to take a girl like her to homecoming.

    *two of the high school girls think mark looks like one of their dads! (he thought they liked him)

    u can probably watch the episode on should, its great.

    Source(s): i saw it!
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    wait til tomorrow night and it'll be there!!

    nothing too exciting and it's better to watch it than try to have someone explain it to you detail by detail eek!

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    the full episode will be on tomorrow!!

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