how do you get over some one u really love?

even though you know it will never work because your in a school 2hr away. He do not support what you want to do and tells you that your dream is to much. He wants a kid now but knows i am in school. He puts me down and tells me im to sensitive and blames my period. We never have nothing to talk about and i have to push for convorsation. I dont know wha to do i love him so much and i know he loves me to but to me it will never work cuz he is not willing to change the way he act (which is like a kid who cant compromise) the relationship is there but he wants me with him and not where i want to be. Its over now i feel better sometimes but i cry cuz i know there is so much love there and hope it can work

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    I am not asking you not to love the guy or anything...but don't you feel you deserve somebody who loves you and respects you as much as you do...getting over love is very difficult but time is the best have to sit down and ask yourself what you want...whether this is the guy whom you really need to spend the rest of your life with. Then you must talk to him about what you are looking for and set the expectations straight. If he can't live with it, then you have no choice but to move on...

    I am at a similar stage in my life...going through a crisis...not because of my girl...but because of me...i am not able to live up to the girl's expectations but I am determined to work things out...I have an amazing girlfriend...and I would be the biggest loser if I screw it up..

    So...from experience...all I can say is that...guys are from a totally different try and talk to him and set things straight...ask yourself what you want and what your aspirations are and both parties need to come to an understanding and pray that whatever happens happens for the best...take care!

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    i would say pray to God if u r a christian and thank God for what he did on the cross which is die for ur sins. So whenever u remeber ur ex turn to God in prayer by praising and loving God and in time u will see that u r loved by the one unconditionally and good things will happen for those who wait on the lord.

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    You give yourself some time to recover!!! Love is never easy and when you just lost a lover, its hard to get over them. So... you realize that things will never work and now you have to give yourself some time!

  • Time will heal!it mite not seem like it now but it will!every1 one has loved and let go!mayb its 4 the best!if its fate 4 u to be with him!u will know!

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  • 1 decade ago

    girl dont worry about it just let him go. he probably has moved on. i was in the same situation. in a couple of years he will regret it.

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