Hpt question...?

I am 5 weeks pg(i know because i had blood work) and i just took a hpt and I don't know if it was (+) or (-) because In one window there was a line but in the other it wasn't but when I took the test apart there was another line far off to the side kinda by the other window that there was no result in, does that mean that it was (+) or (-). Really confused I took two and they were both like this. One this morning and one just now.


I took a hpt because I never can get a possitive one and I want to be all exited when I pee on a stick and get a possitive hpt( weird I know)

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    1 decade ago
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    just like she said... she wants to be excited. why don't you try a different hpt brand? maybe it's just the brand you're using

  • 1 decade ago

    So, if you've had bloodwork to determine that you're 5 weeks pregnant, why are you taking HPTs? I'm not trying to be ugly, but just wondering. If you're concerned about the pregnancy talk to your doc.

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