What can I do about my pre-hypertension?

I have consistently for the past 6 months checked my blood pressure and despite lowering my sodium intake and exercising more it has not moved at all. I continue to exercise daily and avoid salty foods as best I can and see no change. I know the effects of hypertension are serious and should be treated but information on pre-hypertension is not distinct in what should be done. My brother follows a very strict healthy diet (very low salt and lots of fruits and vegetables), exercises more than me (he rides his bike to work about 4 miles one way), and despite being taller than me and weighing less (5’11” and 150 pounds, I’m 5’7” 155 pounds) he has a B.P. that’s about the same (falls in the range considered pre-hypertension). Are we destined to be on B.P. Medication or is there something reasonable that can be incorporated into our lives to help control our B.P. It seems to me that medication will be the eventually outcome but I’m still holding onto the hope of controlling my B.P. on my own.

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    You're on the right track by lowering your sodium intake and exercising, but another major factor that can lead to hypertension is excessive stress. If you are a workaholic or are trying to juggle too many responsibilities all at once, the stress level can trigger it. Cut some of your less important responsibilities out of your life and take the time to relax. My mom was genetically at risk of getting hypertension, but it did not trigger until she was trying to get her degree, raise me, go through a divorce, and make an hour and a half commute to her night shift job. It has been 7 years, and she still has to take Norvasc for it. Stress is a major factor in hypertension, trust me, you may benefit from slowing down a little.

    Source(s): My mom has it, and she's a nurse, so she also knows something about it.
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    Sorry, but unfortunately heredity is the major underlying factor in many hypertension cases. Sometimes you can do everything right and still have hypertension. But don't give up and do nothing because then, evil wins. Keep doing your best to control it but don't rule out medication. The alternative is much worse.

    Source(s): Both sides of family have it.
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    Eat more fruits and vegetables -- preferably fresh and organic. Fruits and vegetables have numerous compounds that can dilate blood vessels, including Flavonoids. Fortunately for many chocoholics, cocoa, or dark chocolate, has important flavonoids. Reduce salt intake Try to shed some pounds -- Greater amounts of fat in the abdomen point to an increased risk of developing hypertension. Learn how to Sleep better and deeper. Those who sleep deep have a lower risk for hypertension. Reduce alcohol intake. High amounts of alcohol can certainly aggravate hypertension. Despite its heart benefits, drinking red wine raises blood pressure to the same degree as drinking beer. Reduce or stop smoking Try to have less stress in your daily life Reduce fat intake, such as meats, lard, bacon, hydrogenated oils -- fats found in fish are good. Reduce caffeine-intake -- skip that second cup of coffee, substitute caffeine-free herbal drinks, limit herbal teas with caffeine to one or two cups. Caffeine can raise blood pressure in some individuals, even if they are regular drinkers. Exercise, walk at least one mile per day Drink more water, avoid sodas which raise blood pressure Drink soy milk and reduce intake of regular milk Yoga helps those with hypertension

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    Nothing to worry you are doing well, just avoid stress, obesity, and physical, eat neat and clean. This is a simple solution to your problem.

    Source(s): I am a doctor.
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